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Candid Callie: 40 Signs of a Basic B*tch

Tuesday, 24 February 2015
40 Signs of a tacky woman. In my opinion. In good humour. Let's be honest, we've all done at least one of these surely. No offence intended. 

Source: Weheartit

1.       Wearing hair extensions that don’t match your hair colour
2.       Wearing hair extensions that haven’t been cut to blend in.
3.       Wearing hair extensions with all the clips showing
4.       Having your boyfriends name tattooed onto your body if he is still alive.
5.       Getting engaged to someone you have been with less than a year. People change with the seasons, it may be true love but it can wait another 6 months until you’re sure.
6.       Writing about your relationship problems on Facebook.
7.       Writing about your relationship highs on Facebook. “Having SUCH a good night in with my babe!” If you were having that much of a good time you wouldn’t be posting about it.
8.       Juicy Couture, all the time.
9.       Wearing foundation too dark for your skin-tone and getting that line at your jaw where it doesn’t blend in.
10.   Slug brows.
11.   Wearing leggings as trousers.
12.   Getting diamonds/plastic bows glued onto your acrylic nails.
13.   Foundation as lipstick
14.   Wearing a fluorescent bra under a baggy vest so people can see it. (Unless you’re 13 and going to a ‘rave’ themed party.)
15.   Celebrity perfumes
16.   Stating you are ‘self-employed’ when really you are ‘unemployed.’ We all know the difference.
17.   Stating you are a ‘model’ when you just post edited photos on Instagram and use dodgy ‘facebook photographers’ for your shoots.
18.   Speaking to someone else about a problem you have with someone before speaking to that person about it yourself.
19.   Arguing over text or being a general ‘keyboard warrior.’
20.   Trolling
21.   Wearing thick false lashes every day, all day.
22.   Crop tops with low waist short shorts.
23.   Squeezing into something too tight so you get bulge everywhere instead of just buying the size up which is much more flattering. Just coz it zips don’t mean it fits. And a size 10 in one shop is definitely not a size 10 in all others - numbers mean nothing!
24.   Wearing developer tan as instant and going out and getting streaks everywhere from swear and split drinks and stinking of biscuit.
25.   Not applying your mascara properly and dossing on 20 layers so your eyelashes turn into about 4 square clumps.
26.   Being somewhere social such as a dinner, and checking your phone or texting. TEXTING DURING DINNER IS SO RUDE!

Source: Weheartit

27.   Ugg Boots.
28.   Sequined Ugg Boots.
29.   Continuing to wear your high-street jewellery when it goes that weird green/bronze colour. It’s sad, but it’s time to call it a day.
30.   Bringing up  how much money someone makes.
31.   Pretending to be thicker than you are because you think it appeals more to people.
32.   When your butt crease is hanging out of your shorts.
33.   TyPiNg Lyk Diz.
34.   ‘Shoutout’ Facebook statuses. E.G ‘Happy Birthday to my girl Becca! Love you!’ This is what walls are for, if the message is for one person and one person only, head to inbox or that persons wall. Don’t plague your own page with that drivel because nobody else cares that it is Becca’s birthday.
35.   Facebook game invites. No, Mahmood. I don’t want to play Candy Crush with you.
36.   Friend requesting someone you have never spoken to before. It’s inappropriate in real life and should be inappropriate on social media as well.
37.   Using Linked In the same way as you use Facebook or Twitter. It is not appropriate.
38.   Never smiling in pictures. It’s not so much tacky, but it’s a bit sad. Y u no smile??
39.   Going for a night out over the age of 22 and drinking alco pops.
40.   Making a star appearance on Jezza Kyle / Daily Mail.
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Pretty Honest - Sali Hughes

Saturday, 21 February 2015
This book has been absolutely raved about in the Blogosphere. I first caught wind through a short review by Sammi. Sali Hughes is a beauty journalist for the Guardian, and this biblical piece she has created should be in every woman's bookcase. 

It isn't a flimsy little read-through you could get by Googling. It's well informed, well written, explanatory and detailed. It covers literally any beauty query you could ever have, and for any age. It could be passed down through generations as far as I'm concerned.

 I can't think of anything that hasn't been covered by this book. For me the most helpful section was waxing - it details when is appropriate to take your underwear of. This may seem obvious to most people but for me it just safeguarded me from an awkward situation for sure!

Anyone else read this book or have any thoughts? 
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Charlotte Crosby 3 Minute Belly Blitz – Initial Review

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I don’t usually buy workout DVDs. They seem like a bit of a fad – you do it for a few weeks, get bored and move on. Nothing you can’t accomplish at a gym. The only one I’ve ever had any success with was the Gillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. That said, the media hype surrounding the 3 Minute Belly Blitz with Charlotte Crosby got the best of me, and like the conformist consumer I am: I caved and bought it.
There is no denying she’s lost a lot of weight. No doubt due to a personal trainer and strict diet. But I’ve seen normal girls without these extras posting Before and After shots on Instagram and Twitter and the results seem reliable.

I had a go last night. I’ve fallen heavily out of my gym routine, am out of shape, have about half a stone to lose and needed something to kick me back into gear, so this seemed like a healthy option.
I was absolutely appalled to discover of the 12 levels I only made it to 8 before lying on my floor, a crumpled and defeated heap of sweat and shame. The rounds involving upper body strength and jumping squats destroyed me. But this is a good sign. I’m definitely not UNfit. So this means it’s working. And next time, I’ll push to get at least to level 9 or 10 until I can do them all. So here are my pros and cons:

Quick, 3 minute successions means no matter how hard something is you only have to do it for a max of 3 minutes. You don’t get bored and it’s physically manageable.
HIIT is proven to blast fat quicker than other forms of exercise and as long as you give it your all you can feel this working all your muscles.
You don’t need anything other than yourself and maybe an exercise mat, which you can get for about a fiver on Amazon.
For the tenner it costs the reviews online are top.
It comes with a doable and tasty eating plan.

You can’t skip the part at the start of each level where he runs through the movements. I imagine by week 2 this will be very irritating.
I’m pretty uncoordinated and some of the kickbox rounds makes my head spin.
It’s marketed as a 3 minute thing but all rounds included, plus warmup and cool-down you’re looking at setting aside about an hour and fifteen minutes. 4 times a week for this to work. Of course 3 minutes would never do anything but an hour and 15 is a relatively long time for people not used to exercising. Be aware of this when you purchase!

Build up to completing all 12 rounds, this DVD wasn’t made to blitz through from Day 1 with ease.
Invest in a good protein shake to help you achieve the 4-times-a-week plan without being too sore. I can do a post about Protein Shake if enough people want to see it!
Try to eat healthily or try out her eating plan alongside this to get max results.

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I’ll probably keep doing this and do an updated review with my results in a month or so to see if it really does make a difference!
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Acrylics Vs Gels - Urban Myth Revealed

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Something you may not know is that I have a qualification in Acrylic Nails. Unfortunately the most this qualification has done for me is gotten me countless free manicures from the comfort of my own sofa - salon life wasn't for me. But one thing I hear time and time again is that acrylics are "worse for your nails than gels". This is an urban myth. In fact if you go to a good salon which uses products made in Europe or the USA, a lot of the chemicals in Acrylics and Gels cross-over. Asian companies sell much harsher chemicals which is 1. why they have to wear masks in asian salons 2. why your nails get damaged 3. why they last so much longer 4.why it's cheaper.

So rule 1: Make sure the salon you go to uses products made in Europe or the USA, and not in China, Korea etc. It's worth the extra money, I promise!

Your acrylics should last a month before they will need to be infilled or removed. These are the top reasons your nails will be damaged from acrylics:

1. You don't get them infilled when they grow out. The extra weight on the ends of your nails if not evenly covered will start to slowly weigh your nail off the actual nail bed. So it's super important to get your infills as soon as they grow out more than a few cms! For most people this will be 4+ weeks. For nail biters it will be less, 2-3 weeks because the  constant stimulation to your nails from chewing on them means they grow quicker than others.

2. You pick them off. Don't be tempted!! Even if they're lifting, book back in to the salon and if it hasn't been a fair amount of time they should fix them for free. Picking acrylics off rips off layers of your nail making them brittle and weak. Make sure you go to a salon to get them properly soaked and filed off!

3. You don't use cuticle oil. Good salons should tell you to use cuticle oil every day - keep it by your bedside table or with your makeup! It's inexpensive and you can buy it at Boots. Acrylic is made in a way which your nail can still 'breathe' so to speak, so if you rub cuticle oil into your nail bed it will soak through the acrylic and get to your natural nail. Not only will it give your acrylics a bit of flexibility and help them last much longer, it will help you natural nail underneath stay really healthy, strong and grow quickly.

4. Your salon uses electric files. Your nail is made up of 10 layers. If you file away too much they will weaken immediately. I always trust a hand file more. Again, European salons are better for this even if it does take that little bit longer.

So there you have it. Acrylics and gels both have different benefits but if your only reason for paying more for a set of gels is that they 'damage your nails less', you're wrong. It's no the acrylics damaging your nails, it's your aftercare or the salon techniques!

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