Charlotte Crosby 3 Minute Belly Blitz – Initial Review

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I don’t usually buy workout DVDs. They seem like a bit of a fad – you do it for a few weeks, get bored and move on. Nothing you can’t accomplish at a gym. The only one I’ve ever had any success with was the Gillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. That said, the media hype surrounding the 3 Minute Belly Blitz with Charlotte Crosby got the best of me, and like the conformist consumer I am: I caved and bought it.
There is no denying she’s lost a lot of weight. No doubt due to a personal trainer and strict diet. But I’ve seen normal girls without these extras posting Before and After shots on Instagram and Twitter and the results seem reliable.

I had a go last night. I’ve fallen heavily out of my gym routine, am out of shape, have about half a stone to lose and needed something to kick me back into gear, so this seemed like a healthy option.
I was absolutely appalled to discover of the 12 levels I only made it to 8 before lying on my floor, a crumpled and defeated heap of sweat and shame. The rounds involving upper body strength and jumping squats destroyed me. But this is a good sign. I’m definitely not UNfit. So this means it’s working. And next time, I’ll push to get at least to level 9 or 10 until I can do them all. So here are my pros and cons:

Quick, 3 minute successions means no matter how hard something is you only have to do it for a max of 3 minutes. You don’t get bored and it’s physically manageable.
HIIT is proven to blast fat quicker than other forms of exercise and as long as you give it your all you can feel this working all your muscles.
You don’t need anything other than yourself and maybe an exercise mat, which you can get for about a fiver on Amazon.
For the tenner it costs the reviews online are top.
It comes with a doable and tasty eating plan.

You can’t skip the part at the start of each level where he runs through the movements. I imagine by week 2 this will be very irritating.
I’m pretty uncoordinated and some of the kickbox rounds makes my head spin.
It’s marketed as a 3 minute thing but all rounds included, plus warmup and cool-down you’re looking at setting aside about an hour and fifteen minutes. 4 times a week for this to work. Of course 3 minutes would never do anything but an hour and 15 is a relatively long time for people not used to exercising. Be aware of this when you purchase!

Build up to completing all 12 rounds, this DVD wasn’t made to blitz through from Day 1 with ease.
Invest in a good protein shake to help you achieve the 4-times-a-week plan without being too sore. I can do a post about Protein Shake if enough people want to see it!
Try to eat healthily or try out her eating plan alongside this to get max results.

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I’ll probably keep doing this and do an updated review with my results in a month or so to see if it really does make a difference!
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