International Women's Day : My Take | What is Feminism?

Sunday, 8 March 2015
Something which bothers me is the idea that Feminism is a bad thing. Some sort of man-hating ailment driven by a force of head-shaven lunatics. Another thing which bothers me is people ramming feminism down the throats of other people. 'That's not very feminist is it?' with a disapproving look. 

Feminism is about nothing more than equality. The idea that women should be completely equal to men : politically, economically, socially, & in every other way. It's not about putting men down.

"I want my boyfriend to buy me flowers."
Buy your own.

"I need my boyfriend to open this jar for me."
Run it under hot water.

"I need a man to fix a problem with my car"
Google it, Youtube it, take it to a garage.

"I need a man to reach the top shelves."
Get a stool.

"I need a man to cuddle with at night."
Pets are even better.

"I want a man to tell me I'm beautiful."
Tell yourself you're beautiful.

"I want a man to hold a door open for me."
Hold it open yourself.

You don't need a man. You want a man. And that does NOT make you anti-feminist.

I don't need friends either, but I still want them. I want them because I enjoy the company they bring me, in the same way that I enjoy the company my partner brings me. It is not anti-feminist to admit you want a partner. It's silly to say you need one though. 

So don't jam it down anybody's throats that they are being 'anti feminist.' Don't throw the word 'feminism' around with ignorance unless it's in the context of equality. 

Have a Happy International Women's Day, revel in how far females have come in equality and accept there is still a way to go. And if you can support that continuing progression then you are a feminist, regardless of any other beliefs. Congratulations, Emma Watson will be smiling upon you tonight. 

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