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Tuesday, 3 March 2015
I've had a few piercings in my lifetime and today got my tragus done impromptu! I had wanted it for a while and now I've moved out of my job in headhunting where you have to look conservative and into a creative field again I thought it was time to get it done. It also spurred me to write this blog post about all my piercings and my opinions and any helpful facts for anyone thinking about getting something done. 
(I will always choose to get my piercings done at Punktured in Brighton. I have had a few done elsewhere but for anything major it's my go-to. It's clean and completely professional and I recommend that if you find somewhere good you stick to it - like a hairdresser or tattooist!) 

Pain: 3/10. Slipped through like a spear in a steak.
Would I get it again? Yes. I still have this 7 years on and love it.
Useful Tips: Ibuprofen before and after keeps swelling down to the point that eating is bareable for the first couple of days. You can't smoke, kiss, drink or give oral sex for the first 2 months of getting this done or you risk permanent scarring so if you're a big smoker or drinker or sex fiend I wouldn't get this done anytime soon.
Where I got mine done: Punktured, Brighton.

Pain: 6/10
Would I get it again? Probably not but only because I've outgrown it. I had it for 4 years before taking it out for work and now I don't think it suits me, but the pain wouldn't hold me back. 
Useful Tips: Nothing special for this that I can recall. Was a slow healer and v, easily infected so follow aftercare instructions! Mine has left a permanent little hole, it's easily covered by makeup and I think is because I had it in for so long. 
Where I got mine done: Punktured, Brighton

Pain: 8/10 - A bloody sharp pinch!
Would I get it again? Yes maybe. I've actually had it done twice - both times I thought it didn't suit me because of my little nose but if I got a craving again I would probably do it.
Useful Tips: A stud for the first few months is easier and less painful to clean than a ring, which keeps twirling about and gets crusty and weird. Don't forget about it and rip it out when you're washing your face like I did all the time! Ouch.
Where I got mine done: Punktured, Brighton and Infamous Ink, Stirling

Naval - 
(I got the top done rather than the bottom, which I think is more common.)
Pain: 8/10 - I wasn't prepared for how sharp this pain was!
Would I get it again? No, my body rejected mine and pushed it out and it was all gross and covered in my guts for a while. I also feel like it made it look like I had a layer of fat that I didn't have underneath which was weird. 
Useful Tips: Clean clean clean. V.easily infected like the lip, and also more prone to rejection which is when your body detects a foreign object and tries to push it out. It can get skin growing over it if it starts being rejected and isn't taken care of.
Where I got mine done: Punktured, Brighton

Pain: 1/10
Would I get it again? Yes I've had about 6 done up my lobes
Useful Tips: For the lobe you can go to a regular jewellers and it will cost less than a piercing shop. It's fine to use a gun for this part of the ear.
Where I got mine done: Claires, HM Samuels

Cartilidge (Upper Ear)
Pain: 3/10
Would I get it again? Yes probably, but have had 5 done and taken out 4 due to infection so it is a high maintenance healer and does hurt to sleep on for a long time!
Useful Tips: DO NOT GET DONE WITH A GUN. It will shatter your lobe. Jewellers like Claire's will do this for you but you should get it done using a needle at a proper piercing place to avoid shattering and infection.
Where I got mine done: Claires (Wouldn't do again, read above!) and Punktured, Brighton

Pain: 6/10
Would I get it again? Yes, though I only got it today so not sure about how it is to heal
Useful Tips: As above!
Where I got mine done: Punktured, Brighton

Ear Stretching
Pain: 2/10 if you do it properly
Would I get it again? I'm not adverse to it.
Useful Tips: Use Lube. Go slowly, if you go too quickly it will HURT and SCAR. It will take a long time, accept it. Don't skip levels or sizes to get bigger quicker. If you aren't sure if you will want permanent holes only go up to about 5mm plug size and it will stretch back down. I went up to 6mm and was lucky mine reduced back to normal when I took them out but if you aren't sure stick to 5mm max.
Where I got mine done: I just bought a stretching taper kit from Ebay. 

I think this covers all of my piercings, I might do a similar one for my tattoos down the line as well if people read this and would like to see that too.  I hope it's helpful, let me know what you think. I used to get all of my jewellery from here, but you need to know all the sizes! If you aren't sure about a facial piercing a lot of places sell fake ones now, I'd recommend trying it out for a while before you go for the real thing if you're not sure and worried about the pain. River Island do a few and so does the store linked above. Apologies for lack of inclusion for tongue webbing and septum, I know these are popular but I've never had them done.

Any of you have piercings?
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