Living in London vs Commuting Into London

Tuesday, 21 April 2015
For as long as I can remember I have been a strong advocator of a good, old fashioned list. In the same style as Miranda in Sex and the City when she curated a list of pros and cons of her husband when deciding whether or not to leave him, I've found a visual list most helpful. From deciding between two potential boyfriends at the age of 14 (turns out neither of them wanted me), to gym vs sofa & chips. (That one's always a coin-flipper in the end.)

When I finished my degree I envisioned myself in a London flat going out at the weekends, drinking Dark 'n' Stormy cocktails and feeling like a British Carrie Bradshaw. I got a job in property headhunting and for a while, that vision was as close to reality as it could have been. Only problems being I wasn't doing the job I wanted to do and the hours were so long I didn't have the energy to write (or blog) when I came home. After an extensive pros and cons list I decided to leave my job and take a (much lower paid) job as a content writer for a fashion brand. And I'm happier. Truly, I am. But 2 months in and I can't afford my rent anymore, I can't really afford to eat (it's a really great diet method), and I definitely can't afford much of a social life. Which brings me to this list, although I have already worked out the outcome.
Living in London Vs. Commuting Into London.
(My family home is in a green and leafy home-county.) 

Expensive sodding rent versus no rent!

£120 travel per month versus £415 travel per month.

1 hour tube commute versus 1 hour 45 min Southern Rail commute.
Not much time to write my novel versus a long ass commute to write my novel in. (Stay tuned.)

Not able to do my Charlotte Crosby Belly Blitz DVD without pissing off the downstairs neighbours versus a ground floor bedroom to do my workout DVD every morning. (Okay, probably not every morning...)

No dogs versus wake up kisses from my dog again every morning. (This is the deal breaker.)

20 minute walk away from my boyfriend versus 1 hour and a half train ride away from my boyfriend. 

Sunny weekends at food/ flower markets and pub gardens versus weekend afternoons with old close friends at a crackden pub where we try to avoid people we see from school.

£12 cocktails versus pretty much no options for cocktails anywhere.

No legitimate fear of running into exes or anyone you've ever known versus a very real fear of running into all your exes in one day alongside everyone from your school and their entire family tree.

 A polluted city run where everyone and their mother will see you panting and you can't stop for fear of being judged as an unfit weakling who won't make it past the cold, long winter versus countryside runs where you will only see a man and his two collies.

My own dietary plans which tend to be hardcore clean eating with spurts of unsupervised child at a birthday party versus homemade cooking made with love by Mum.

SO MANY SHOPPING DISTRACTIONS NEARBY versus absolutely no decent shopping distractions nearby.

No chance of ever escaping my student overdraft versus a very real chance to be out of my student overdraft in only 2 short months.

No chance of affording any sort of holiday versus  the chance to save up and potentially head to Florida in Autumn with my boyfriend.

No chance of getting FOMO (fear of missing out) because you're always a tube ride away from the fun versus becoming a very real, living embodiment of FOMO which I would have probably every single day. 

Living with randoms who may potentially be horrifically messy/inconsiderate versus living with family are 100% a pain in the butthole at times.

No chance of murdering sister versus highly increased likelihood of murdering sister.

So yeah, if you haven't guessed it yet I'm moving back home. I'm pretty gutted in all honesty as I do feel as though I'm taking a backwards step but it's definitely the right thing to do in my situation to give myself a chance to save up some money. My heart belongs in London, and the day will definitely come. It's just not today.
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