MAC Mini Haul - Brick Red Eyeshadow & Modern Mandarin Blush

Sunday, 19 April 2015

My makeup routine was in need of a seasonal uplift,  so I decided to pick up some bits and bobs from MAC. The first thing I wanted was an eyeshadow to give my standard every-day brown smokey eye a bit of a summer flush. I knew I wanted something warm, but I like to stay away from reds and pinks in case it looks like I have some kind of eye infection so I steered towards to oranges. I ended up going for the darker, and very bright Brick Red matte eye shadow.

I'm happy with the colour, it's very bright but blended in with my usual brown tones it down and it's warm enough to bring out the hint of green in my eyes. I like that it's matte as I generally like to avoid sparkle and shine as much as possible to detract away from my oily complexion.  I think it was about £12, but as I don't switch my eye makeup up very often it will last me a long time and I'll probably wear it most days.

The next thing I wanted was a more orange based blush to go alongside it. I think this is a colour which will only really good look on paler skin, so perhaps more suited to the winter months than the summer when I find pinks look good on my skin when it's caught a bit of colour. I went for Modern Manderin, which comes out a lot less bright than it looks on the palette for a more discreet flush. There's barely any shimmer in it as well, which I prefer.

The blush was bit more expensive but again, it will last the test of time unless I smash it. (Touch wood!) The only other two blushes I really flick between are Dallas and Coralista by Benefit, so it's nice to have three options. This one will be my go-to on paler days with a nude lip, whereas Dallas is perfect for a deeper tan with a bold lip and Coralista suits any skin-tone with any lip colour other than red. I'm happy with my choices, and feel like my makeup has definitely gotten the Spring feelings it needed after a long and dreary winter!

What's your go-to blush or shadow?
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