Monday Munchies - Easy Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Monday, 6 April 2015

The first of my new series where I'm going to try to become a domestic goddess, a culinary mastermind, a chef to rule all chefs. Or at least learn how to cook edible thing. My introduction to the new series is available here

Most of the time I will focus on healthy savoury meals, but as it was Easter weekend I thought I would try to satisfy the need for a bit of sugar in my life. (I seem to lack a sweet tooth.) So here we go, my easy chocolate brownie recipe!

225g butter, cut into little bits.
100g dark chocolate.
100g white chocolate.
225g self raising flour.
125g caster sugar.
3 large eggs.
A dusting of icing sugar. (Optional.)

1. Simmer a pan of water on the hob and place a heat proof bowl on the top, so it doesn't touch the water but sits comfortably on the pan. Put the butter and dark chocolate in the pan and stir until all melted. Once it's all melted put it aside to cool for a bit.

2. Sieve the flour and caster sugar into a separate mixing bowl. (A big one.) 

3. In a separate little bowl beat the eggs up, and then add them to your choco-butter mixture. Mix it up well!

4. So now you have your sugar and flour in a big bowl and the butter-choco-egg mixture in a smaller one. Pour it all into the big bowl and stir ferociously as if your life depends on it. Because your brownies do. You should end up with a gloopy mixture with all the items mixed in well.
5. Chop up the white chocolate into small chunks and stir them in as well. 
6. Pour everything into a baking tray which has been lined with baking paper and oiled down. Stick it in a 180 degree pre-heated oven for half an hour and take them out when they look firm.
7. After they cool down you can cut them into little squares and give them a small dusting of icing sugar for good measure. Done!

Yum Factor: Pretty high.
Feeds: Lots of hungry bellies. Probably about 10-12 people.
If I could do it again I would: Use a bigger baking tray, mine ended up more like a cake and the centre was only gooey on a few of the middle pieces.

If you use this recipe let me know how you get on!
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