KAYLA ITSINES Bikini Body Guide Review: Week 1

Sunday, 31 May 2015
I dabbled in and out on getting the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide for a long time. After realising I had put on over a stone which has all gone to my stomach and boobs unfortunately, I was finally repulsed enough by the sight of myself to get off my ass, stop eating badly and get into a routine. 

A brief run down on Kayla and the guide.
She has nearly 3 million Instagram followers. This shit doesn't happen unless you are really doing something incredible.
Her following has amassed a hashtag KaylasArmy, where you can see their progress on their personal Instagram accounts. This means I can rest assured that the pictures Kayla posts of Before and Afters on her account are legit, and not just ones she has stolen from the Intersphere and labelled the product of her work. *cough slimming tablet companies cough*.

Consists of doing 2-3 LISS workouts (low intensity, 45 min power walk type things) and 2-3 circuits alongside one day of stretches. 

Her workout guide comes in the form of an e-book with your circuits set out for you by day and week and with full illustrated details on how to complete each move properly. You do 2 7 min circuits in one workout, each one twice totalling a 28 minute workout. Not bad for the results you get! You don't really need much except a bench or chair, hand weights, a skipping rope and I think that's it so far. 

I started the guide on a Tuesday when I got back from holiday, and wanted to fit everything into 6 days so I could pick up again the next week on Monday which would make more sense. I fully intended on doing the maximum of each advised workout (3) , but unfortunately life got in the way.

Tues - circuit 1 legs
Wed - Circuit 2 arms and abs
Thurs - LISS
Fri - The optional circuit 3 full body
SUN - The optional 3rd LISS and stretches.


TUES - Circuit 1. Legs. My legs are the strongest part of my body thanks to a decade of horse riding and penchant for squatting. This workout busted my ass. I thought I was going to be sick everywhere. By the second set of each circuit I was barely able to jump and everything got very slow and sloppy. At least I made it to the end.

WED - I did Pilates at lunch time at work. My legs are SORE from Tuesdays circuit, despite having two protein shakes after. A sign it's working! Pilates exhausted my abs out too. I got home and did 7 minutes (one round) of Circuit 2 and had to stop. My abs were in agony from pilates (which isn't part of the guide I just wanted to go), and I was just too exhausted and run down, probably due to not being used to exercise or lack of carbs! Too much too soon I think.

THURS - An old friend was in London for one night only and text me in the morning, so I had to sacrifice one LISS session to see her for a (healthy) dinner. Don't feel too bad about this, as I'll still get the other 2 recommended sessions in by the end of the week.

FRI - I was meant to do a circuit after work. Instead I got a text saying I had left my purse at work, and one of the boys would be at the train station a mile away from my house in ten minutes to drop it off for me. So I stuck on my running shoes and ran the mile to get them, and ran the mile back home. Then I power walked 20 mins to my boyfriends house a bit later in the evening. Unscheduled cardio that was a higher intensity than the power walk I had missed on Thursday, because I had to get my purse and couldn't have gotten there any other way quick enough than to run. Felt good after. Will count this as a LISS session I guess. a 2 mile run and 1 mile walk definitely passes for that. 

SAT - Missed my circuit again. Locked myself out of the flat and didn't get in until evening when my flatmate let me in. I was so exhausted I passed out straight away. Will have to fit in my circuit first thing tomorrow morning before my Sunday brunch (avocado, bacon and eggs I'm thinking) and then perhaps go for a long walk in the evening and stretch. If I manage to do all this tomorrow I'll have done the minimum required of Week1 in the guide at least. It's meant to rain all day tomorrow so not looking forward to a 40 min power walk. Might substitute for a 20 min jog instead. I seem to be altering a lot of the things, I'll hopefully be able to stick to it more strictly next week.

SUN - I woke up and managed to do the full body circuit. It was slightly easier because you're working so many different body parts it doesn't put the strain on just one muscle group, so it's less painful. That said it was still super difficult and I was exhausted by the end. Kayla says if you can get through a circuit twice in 7 mins you're doing great. I've been doing most of them once and then really concentrating on doing them slowly and effectively if I have time left on the clock for a second round. I usually manage a circuit and a quarter in 7 mins. I stretched after this which felt great, following all her stretch moves. Then I walked to the supermarket and back which is probably around 30 mins with all the bags and stuff so because of the rain today and my unexpected jog on Friday I'm gonna count this as LISS. 


Guide advises 2/3 LISS sessions. Completed: 2/3
Guide advises 2/3 circuit sessions. Completed: 2/3
Guide advises 1 stretching session. Completed: 1

NOTES - It seems life is getting in the way a bit. Hopefully next week will run smoother. I'll post before and after shots when I'm further into the guide but right now the main difference for me is feeling like I'm falling into a routine, which is good. 

FOOD - I didn't get the nutritional guide because I know how to eat clean. I tend to stick to a lot of turkey, chicken, eggs and buckets of fruit and veg. If I have carbs they'll be brown carbs and I stay away from sugary things, or things high in saturated fats. Healthy fats like avocado are much better.  I was naughty on Friday and got a caramel latte at work, but I was gagging for a coffee as I was so low on energy. (I've been only really drinking green tea.) Friday night my cheat meal was a starter to a healthy dinner. I had camembert and some wholemeal bread. Naughty. Not feeling guilty about my food in general though, I've been pretty well behaved. 
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