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Thursday, 25 June 2015
I'm moving out of London this Saturday to go back home to Sussex. I wrote a post about the pros and cons here, but the main thing for me is the ability to save money for a really great place of my own next year. To keep the motivation going on those 2 hour commutes, here's a mood-board of the type of home I'd love to own eventually. (All sourced from Pinterest or Weheartit).

Point of note:  Wooden shelves on the hanger w/ bronze detailing. 

Point of note: Rustic wooden table and white board ceiling. Would love this table with benches instead of stools or chairs. Also love the open front sink. 

Point of note: White floorboards, rustic wooden coffee table, the saddle decor and chandelier. Dreamy.

 Point of note: Darker walls with loads of plants. I want plants everywhere!

 Point of note:  Ladder. I'd love one in the bathroom to hang towels off. 
Point of note:  Wooden bench along the hall. 
Items of note: Ikeas giant potted bonzai trees and wooden tables with benches.
Habitats breakfast-in-bed trays.
Urban Outfitters plant stands and terrariums. <3
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