The Jugged Hare Review, London

Monday, 13 July 2015

Last weekend my parents came into London so we went to the Jugged Hare for Sunday lunch. I read online that their roasts were great - but we weren't actually given a Sunday roast  menu? I don't know if perhaps they stopped doing them, but we just ordered off the normal menu and specials menu that we were given. It's based near Moorgate tube station.

The interior is quite quirky and eccentric - a LOT of taxidermy rabbits/hares and skulls so if you're squeamish this won't be a good place for supper!! My mum wasn't a fan of the taxidermy at all, but I suppose it's all about their aesthetics. The bar area was nice with barrels used as tables, but we were seated at the back in the restaurant area. It is not a quiet, secluded or dark place for lunch. It's very open and bright and we were seated right next to the kitchen - not great for atmosphere but nice to see all the food being cooked from scratch and seeing all the plates come out!

Our waiter was very attentive, he was always on hand whenever we needed him. (Even offering another bottle of wine when we were having desert coffee, which was a bit odd.)

My dad ordered the Devilled Lamb Kidney on Toast for his starter, and he absolutely loved it. (Pictured above). My starter was the Wild Boar Bomb, which was essentially wild boar slow-cooked so it fell apart at the touch, similar to pulled pork. It was in a big ball which was coated with a thin and crispy layer of pastry, and served with gravy. It was delicious, but not quite as photogenic as my dad's starter! 

I was humming and ahhing over the steak or the pigeon pot, and chose the pigeon because I figured I couldn't get it in as many other places. I made the wrong choice! My dad got the steak which was perfectly cooked medium raw, but my pigeon was a nightmare!! I had to carve it off the bone myself, which despite being photogenic just should not have been served whole. It was a LOT of effort, very fiddly and there wasn't a lot of meat at the end of it all. It didn't taste good enough to justify the effort of spending 15 minutes trying to cut it off the carcass, and the bean stew it came in was equally average. The chips I got on the side which were hand-cut were brilliant though, and my ever-attentive waiter spied me having troubles with my meal and rushed over with a bad-ass steak knife to try and make my life a bit easier. 

For dessert I got the pretentiously named 'steamed banana cake' which was essentially a banana muffin and some sauce and peanut butter ice-cream. It was pretty delicious to be fair. 

All in all, I think everyone enjoyed the food (except me and the pigeon!) but I think it is more of a quirky, borderline-snobby place to take someone you want to impress. The food was (in my opinion) overpriced and I've been to many smaller, busier restaurants in London where the food has been a lot better at a cut of the price. If you're after a certain atmosphere, swanky surroundings, impressive menu options and attentive service, The Jugged Hare is a good shout though.

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