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OOTD : Stripes and Snakeskin

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Another simple outfit I've been frequently reaching for. I find the shape of it all really flattering and just really casual, relaxed and easy to wear. The tee is from Monki, and was super inexpensive but I really like the loose shape. It works well for tucking into things but also for wearing loose over jeans.

An Open Letter to Dr. Walter Palmer

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dr. Palmer, (or do you go by Dr. Death now?) 
I hope you're having a truly terrible day.
I am writing this open letter not just to you, but anyone of your community who partakes in the legal 'sport' of hunting wild or endangered species.

Three Essential Summer Dresses | OOTD

Sunday, 26 July 2015
There are three types of dresses you need to get you through the summer. The shape and cut should vary to suit your shape - I always opt for a skate or something to cover the tum-tum area, but this is just my preference. I'm going to skim through the three dresses to get you through the summer in this post. 


The 10 Things EVERY City Girls' Wardrobe Needs.

Thursday, 23 July 2015
These are the essentials, the things any 'City Girl' needs in her wardrobe as safeguard fallbacks to avoid an 'I have nothing to wear!' disaster. (We've all been there.) For me I'm very much a monochrome type o' gal. All blacks, whites, and if I'm feeling very daring, some navies, creams and stones. I feel like these are the most flattering for me, and perhaps I've become a much safer dresser since my Uni days. But whatever your style or taste, these are the ten pieces you will find yourself reaching for time and time again, regardless of the occasion. 

FUCK FITSPO: Body Image Struggles and Why Girls With Gluten is on Fleek.

Monday, 20 July 2015
Disclaimer: This is gonna be a long post.
After reading a personal post by Chloe Helen Miles, I've decided to write my own personal post about struggling with body image.
When I was growing up, the 'ideal body image' sold by the media was very much a Skinny Minnie ideal, with the Kate Moss's and Kendall Jenners dominating the industry. Long, limber legs and teeny tiny tummies, which meant constantly watching what you ate. I was actually happy with my body until around the second year of University, when I suddenly noticed that all those nights of boozing and midnight pizza and chips runs were affecting my small-frame and I was getting a bit of a belly. 
By this point, the internet started blowing up with 'Fitspo', the new fight against 'thinspo.' It was seen as revolutionary. Instead of skinny, doe-eyed girls with legs up to their eyes, we were faced with a new role-model. Strong, toned girls with thick, defined thighs and tight abs. The best bit? They ate! Protein, protein, protein. They were healthy and fabulous and suddenly this was the new body-ideal to strive towards. 

Champagne & Fromage Review : Brixton

Friday, 17 July 2015
I had wanted to go to Champagne & Fromage for ages. It was always rammo'd and you could never get a seat, and as most quirky places in London - you can't book. I took a Friday off work to celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend and we walked past the Brixton Village one and it was (almost) empty, so joy of joys, I got to finally go!

I swear I should live in Barcelona or France - my one true love is cured meats and cheese. The menu was eye-watering and I literally couldn't choose. Or waiter was extremely helpful and attentive and helped us make a good choice. He also talks you through everything on the platter so you know what you're getting. 

To start off with I got a cocktail which was essentially Pimms topped with Champagne. It was quite expensive even for London because the glass wasn't huge (it was thin), but I suppose any cocktail with champagne is going to be pricier. It was really tasty anyway and I would probably order again so it's not like it was daylight robbery.


To eat we were directed towards the Sharing Platter, which was such good value for money at around £14! We wanted to try everything, and it came with a really good selection of meats and cheeses, dips and bread. Every single thing I put into my mouth was the best.

At the end the bits we didn't finish we took away (they do takeaway) in a bag so we could have it for breakfast. They sell loads of cheese and meats and things there too so if something really takes your fancy you can take some home, which I really like.

In general the experience was really great and I literally cannot wait to go back. What more could you want on your 23rd birthday than a load of salami and cheese?!

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OOTD: Neutrals, Leathers & A Bold Lip

Wednesday, 15 July 2015
This is an outfit which I wore to go for shopping and drinks in around Soho. It was warm so I didn't need a coat, and I wanted it to stay casual and comfortable rather than be a 'going out' outfit, so I dressed it up with a bold lip.

The jumper I picked up this week in the Zara sale (great success *in Borat voice*), the pleather jeans are relatively old Boohoo. The slippers are my second pair from H&M but they fall apart pretty quickly (for £7 a pop I don't argue too much about this). The bag I wrote about here, the watch is Olivia Burton, and my beautiful Alex Monroe necklace was a gift from the boyfriend for my birthday. Spoilt lady.

My lips are MAC, Flat Out Fabulous, which is a frequent go-to for a night out because of the matte texture. It takes a nuclear bomb to wear this lippie away, so you can drink to your hearts content and rest assured you don't have that awkward lip you get where there's still lipstick on the outside but none in the centre. I always end up looking like I've just put on lipliner and left out the rest. It's not a good look.

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My Bucket List 2015

Monday, 13 July 2015
I turned 23 on Sunday. Bloody hell. I feel so old! This is the youngest, free-est and wildest I will ever be again. This is the most reckless abandon I will ever have again. (Although all I really do is sit in with my dog eating pizza.)  I've had a really, really great year being 22. (Enter Taylor Swift.) I've accomplished so much that I'm so proud of myself for, and to be honest, I'm so excited to be 23 to accomplish even more. Everyone needs goals right?!
 In Montpellier, May 2015

In the last year (or so) I have:

Graduated in Politics and Journalism with a 2:1
Gotten a 1st in my dissertation alongside a Research Award prize. 
Eaten snails in France. (Tasty)
Eaten frogs legs in France. (Not so tasty.)
Experienced the best steak of my life. (Buen Ayre.)
Moved to London.
Moved out of London!
Got Draco to pass puppy school. (Somehow.)
Found BAE.
Gotten work published by Cosmopolitan.
Gotten my foot on the fashion editorial ladder with my job.
Did an 8 month stint in headhunting. Not for me, but made brilliant friends and great ££! And learnt a LOT. Invaluable life experience.
Started rewriting my debut novel - stay tuned.
Sent one filthy text to my boss calling him a dirty boy by accident.
Flashed the entirety of Clapham Highstreet after a spray tan. 
Lost one night of my life in memories after drinking an entire bottle of Kraaken. Straight.
Opened my first bottle of champagne. (Screaming, in a bar.)
Learnt how to pronounce Ikea properly. (ih-kay-uh, FYI.)
Cut most of my hair off and dyed it the closest to blonde I've ever dared. 
Took all my ratchet facial piercings out.
Finally went to a boxing gym.
Gained a shit ton of weight!!!
Hand-in day for my dissertation, March 2014
In the year(s) to come I would like to

Lose a shit ton of weight.
Finish my debut novel - stay tuned.
Eat a pizza in Napoli.
Go to Greece and Instagram the living shit outta it! (Although perhaps not the best time to head out there atm..)
Go to Disney World and have my picture taken with all the villains I can find.
Save enough money to move in with Bae.
Get my work published and work through my secret hit-list. (A list of all the magazines/papers I want my work to feature in.)
Send no filthy texts to anyone from work by accident ever again.
Never drink straight Kraaken again.
Play with baby elephants.
Get one of those giant Bonsai trees from Ikea for my flat. (The big 'uns.)
Compliment one person every single day for a month, and document it.
Get married.
Get a Pomeranian named Podrick.
Go to Fowl Cay and swim with the pigs in the Bahamas.
Get to a point in my career when I can work from home.
Volunteer at some sort of animal conservation place.
Run a 10k for a charity.
Move to America and make use of my passport!
Gallop down a beach. (On horseback, not just on my own two legs..)
Try fishing just one time.
Try shooting just one time. (Something clay, not an animal or person.)
Be a #Girlboss. (Sophia Amoruso.)
Become fluent in Portuguese again.
Read 15 books in a year. 
Stay as happy as I am right now. Because I'm pretty bloody happy.
To do: 2015
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The Jugged Hare Review, London

Last weekend my parents came into London so we went to the Jugged Hare for Sunday lunch. I read online that their roasts were great - but we weren't actually given a Sunday roast  menu? I don't know if perhaps they stopped doing them, but we just ordered off the normal menu and specials menu that we were given. It's based near Moorgate tube station.

The interior is quite quirky and eccentric - a LOT of taxidermy rabbits/hares and skulls so if you're squeamish this won't be a good place for supper!! My mum wasn't a fan of the taxidermy at all, but I suppose it's all about their aesthetics. The bar area was nice with barrels used as tables, but we were seated at the back in the restaurant area. It is not a quiet, secluded or dark place for lunch. It's very open and bright and we were seated right next to the kitchen - not great for atmosphere but nice to see all the food being cooked from scratch and seeing all the plates come out!

Our waiter was very attentive, he was always on hand whenever we needed him. (Even offering another bottle of wine when we were having desert coffee, which was a bit odd.)

My dad ordered the Devilled Lamb Kidney on Toast for his starter, and he absolutely loved it. (Pictured above). My starter was the Wild Boar Bomb, which was essentially wild boar slow-cooked so it fell apart at the touch, similar to pulled pork. It was in a big ball which was coated with a thin and crispy layer of pastry, and served with gravy. It was delicious, but not quite as photogenic as my dad's starter! 

I was humming and ahhing over the steak or the pigeon pot, and chose the pigeon because I figured I couldn't get it in as many other places. I made the wrong choice! My dad got the steak which was perfectly cooked medium raw, but my pigeon was a nightmare!! I had to carve it off the bone myself, which despite being photogenic just should not have been served whole. It was a LOT of effort, very fiddly and there wasn't a lot of meat at the end of it all. It didn't taste good enough to justify the effort of spending 15 minutes trying to cut it off the carcass, and the bean stew it came in was equally average. The chips I got on the side which were hand-cut were brilliant though, and my ever-attentive waiter spied me having troubles with my meal and rushed over with a bad-ass steak knife to try and make my life a bit easier. 

For dessert I got the pretentiously named 'steamed banana cake' which was essentially a banana muffin and some sauce and peanut butter ice-cream. It was pretty delicious to be fair. 

All in all, I think everyone enjoyed the food (except me and the pigeon!) but I think it is more of a quirky, borderline-snobby place to take someone you want to impress. The food was (in my opinion) overpriced and I've been to many smaller, busier restaurants in London where the food has been a lot better at a cut of the price. If you're after a certain atmosphere, swanky surroundings, impressive menu options and attentive service, The Jugged Hare is a good shout though.

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The OOTD Instagram Loves, a Vivienne Westwood Bag & my Youtube Explanation

Monday, 6 July 2015
Something weird happened this weekend. I posted a standard OOTD post onto my Instagram account, which had a humble 420-something followers. The most likes a photo ever got was 100, which I thought was some sort of witchcraft with my average being probably around 20. This morning my account is sitting on 1116 followers and the OOTD post below has 2060 likes.  I honestly don't know what is going on, but hell, I'm gonna ride the wave like a trooper and give you all a proper OOTD post. I think this warrants it. 

I wore this outfit to a BBQ. Originally my hair was half-up, half-down, but I ended up shoving it all up to keep the heat at bay. I feel it was a wise choice. My sunglasses are no longer online, but are by Quay Australia and I bought them in the Oxford Circus Topshop. They are an absolute dream, I love them. The bridge is higher meaning my tiny Voldemort-esque nose doesn't look even smaller than usual, which is great. 
The top is from H&M, it's not online but was bought a few days ago so if you pop in it'll probably still be there. My shorts are from Urban Outfitters but are quite old now, these from Missguided are similar though.  I wore just plain black pump shoes, which were also from H&M. 

The bag is a dream. An absolute dream. My friend saw it and was quick to bellow "Oh my God, a Vivienne Westwood!" And I have to be the first to admit - it's a replica. I stumbled across this high-end replica site and decided to give it a shot. It ships from China (where all good replicas come from) so the shipping is often slow, but at the prices you pay it's worth it. In classic Ebay style you have to make sure your seller is reputable with over 100 sales and over 98% positive rating to avoid disappointment, but I paid £11 for this bag and can honestly say it's of a pretty damn decent standard. It would cost at least £30 in Topshop without the VW logo. So it's well worth it in my opinion. And nobody knows it's a fake except us. I won't tell if you don't.

I kept the makeup look as simple as I could, and did a summer makeup look using only drugstore products. (A rare thing for me - I love my NARS and MAC.) I actually filmed it for a Youtube video. I announced starting a Youtube channel a few weeks ago. I uploaded a '25 things about me tag' only to rapidly take it down again the next day. I filmed a 'British Tag' and this makeup tutorial which I've yet to edit, but I've got to say - I'm so f*cking AWKWARD?! My voice is so monotone and I just look so uncomfortable and it all sounds so fake for some reason that I just can't bear it, it makes my insides absolutely cringe. I want to pull through with my promise, and will keep trying to film something that doesn't come across as painfully awkward where my Youtube Virgin status isn't so glaringly clear, but you're all just going to have to be super patient with me until then.

Anyone have any video ideas that are a bit quirkier than the norm to get me going? Or have any idea how my Instagram photo spread so quickly?! Let me know! 
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Moisturising Lips: The Ultimate Product Combo

Thursday, 2 July 2015
I wear lipstick every single day. It's an addiction, which can lead to dry cracked lips quite easily. I'm quite lucky in that my lips never get too dry, and I make sure to Carmex them every morning before I do my makeup. When my lips are feeling in need of a bit of TLC, this power-duo from Lush have got me covered. (This is not a paid for post!) 

The first is their Lip Scrub in the flavour Bubblegum. I just want to mention now that it is edible, and tastes delicious. so sweet and (funnily enough) like bubblegum. Any cosmetic that allows you to eat it and actually taste good is a winner in my books.

This is super inexpensive and lasts ages. This is my third tub in the last two years, so a little really does go a long way. I'll use it maybe once a week, and just dab a tiny bit onto my finger and rub in circular motions into my lips. It's a sugar-scrub exfoliant, so any dry skin will fall away. I cannot emphasise enough how good it smells. 

After that I take a tiny bit of their Lip Balm in Honey Trap, and smother that all over my lips too. This is not your regular smooth, oily balm. It feels almost matte, probably due to it being made from honey. It's a bit thicker and you need to have a good rub of the pot to get enough onto your finger. (I tried to make that sentence sound less dodgy, but couldn't. Apologies.) It smells nice, but is not edible, so don't try to eat this one. This is a pricier lip balm at I think around £6 and it doesn't last too long, it's a little pot. But it does really moisturise the lips, especially post-exfoliating.

I use these two items together perhaps once a week, and my lips stay plump, soft and moisturised despite the layers of matte MAC lippies I slather them in every day! An absolute dream combo. What do you use to moisturise your lips? (I hate Vaseline - just me?!) 

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5 Words to Ruin a First Date

Wednesday, 1 July 2015
I have this best friend. Her name is Daisy. She has an afro which is sometimes blue and sometimes pink, she makes earrings for fun and is generally much cooler than I am. Every single moment I spend with her is spent laughing, and even though we are on other sides of the country, I heart her. A little while ago, we picked up on the trending hashtag #5WordsToRuinADate and started having a conversation about it. The results were bloggable.
D: 'I'm in an acapella band.'
C: 'My waxing took 8 hours.'
'Wanna see my stamp collection?'
'I'm into fantasy bedroom role-play.'
'...Worked a summer in Maga.'
' I'm waiting on test results.'
'Nan's just parking the car.'
'You remind me of Miley.'
'Just checking my Myspace profile.'
'You probably haven't heard them.'
'My cousin is pretty hot.'
'I did my fair time.'
'Do you like Little Mix?'
'I always vote for UKIP.'
'I play World of Warcraft.'
'I shagged that girl once.'
'Russel Brand is a revolutionary.'
'Drug of choice is meth.'
'Sexual inequality doesn't exist anymore.'
'Girls say I'm too big.'
'I play on Men's Hockey.'
'Ed Miliband's my spirit animal.'
'You look like my Mum.'
'I don't conform to society.'
'So, I was watching Hairspray..'
'Do you even lift though?'
'I can use clingfilm instead?'
'Drakes lyrics are so relatable'.
What would be the worst 5 words you could hear on a first date?
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