Wednesday, 1 July 2015

5 Words to Ruin a First Date

I have this best friend. Her name is Daisy. She has an afro which is sometimes blue and sometimes pink, she makes earrings for fun and is generally much cooler than I am. Every single moment I spend with her is spent laughing, and even though we are on other sides of the country, I heart her. A little while ago, we picked up on the trending hashtag #5WordsToRuinADate and started having a conversation about it. The results were bloggable.
D: 'I'm in an acapella band.'
C: 'My waxing took 8 hours.'
'Wanna see my stamp collection?'
'I'm into fantasy bedroom role-play.'
'...Worked a summer in Maga.'
' I'm waiting on test results.'
'Nan's just parking the car.'
'You remind me of Miley.'
'Just checking my Myspace profile.'
'You probably haven't heard them.'
'My cousin is pretty hot.'
'I did my fair time.'
'Do you like Little Mix?'
'I always vote for UKIP.'
'I play World of Warcraft.'
'I shagged that girl once.'
'Russel Brand is a revolutionary.'
'Drug of choice is meth.'
'Sexual inequality doesn't exist anymore.'
'Girls say I'm too big.'
'I play on Men's Hockey.'
'Ed Miliband's my spirit animal.'
'You look like my Mum.'
'I don't conform to society.'
'So, I was watching Hairspray..'
'Do you even lift though?'
'I can use clingfilm instead?'
'Drakes lyrics are so relatable'.
What would be the worst 5 words you could hear on a first date?
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