An Open Letter to Dr. Walter Palmer

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dr. Palmer, (or do you go by Dr. Death now?) 
I hope you're having a truly terrible day.
I am writing this open letter not just to you, but anyone of your community who partakes in the legal 'sport' of hunting wild or endangered species.
It is common fact that one of the earliest signs of being a sociopath  in a  child is the torturing of animals. It relates to the concept of exerting control over someone, and the situation. Cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer killed and dismembered a puppy as a child, mounting its head on a stake. The thing is, these are children, who have not yet developed to the stage of being able to tell right from wrong. (In the eyes of the law.)
You are a grown man, who paid money to shoot an endangered species with a bow and arrow after luring it out from its home with an animal carcass. You then followed it, watching it die slowly and in pain for two days before putting it out of its misery, cutting its head off and putting it on a stake. The similarities to Jeffrey Dahmer are obvious, but you are a grown and adult man who actually paid money to have this experience. (You must be mentally ill, with very little morals.)
Regardless of the fact that Cecil the Lion was something of a national treasure to the people of Zimbabwe, first and foremost it was a lion, a species in rapid decline which has been pushed to be put on the endangered animals list since 2014. It is expected they will be extinct by 2050 at the rates of decline, and you just rid the world of one more for what I assume you call 'sport.'
Do you feel like a big man for tricking a big, wild and strong animal out into the open with your band of armed men for protection so you could injure it? Did you enjoy watching its life trickle away as you followed it around in your car probably laughing about how you got your moneys worth? Did you think how handsome it was when you decapitated it to wave its head around as a trophy for your home? You are a pathetic excuse for a man. 
This is not a sport.
It is a sick and deranged person paying to execute power over a vulnerable species for a thrill.
Humans are the only mammals that kill other animals for fun, and not for survival. This is because people like you are completely twisted and on some sort of fucked up power trip. People like yourself and Kendall Jones are obviously very sick mentally, and should be locked in an institution where you can heal yourselves because killing animals with reckless abandon to get your kicks is not normal, it's not a sport, and it's not productive.  
I myself would love nothing more than to pay 35k to have your head on a stake, but unfortunately the law stands in my way. I hope the law stands in your way too and you are locked up for the rest of your days. You show no remorse, you sent out some crappy apology 'you didn't realise it was a treasured Lion, you wouldn't have killed that lion had you known, it was the gamekeepers responsibility', and you deserve to rot. Because you'll do it again. Your apology is nothing to do with remorse over killing a living being, you're scared you've pissed off so many people and you're deluded enough to think that it's because you killed one particular lion
You're a disgrace to the human race and so is any other person who enjoys poaching as an 'activity.' I have to say - in the UK this is horrific to hear about. This to me shows a serious problem with the backwards thinking of certain American states in that it is legal and not openly frowned upon. I realise this may be a slight generalisation and I obviously don't paint all Americans under the same brush, but when you have cheerleaders and dentists going out on killing sprees and having the heads openly mounted in their homes and posting photos of it on social media - something is wrong when nobody is stepping up to stop it.
I will be signing this petition demanding for justice, and I hope that legal poaching is made illegal very soon. As for you, Dr. Palmer, I honestly hope that your blood money comes back to haunt you and that you get exactly what you deserve. (To be hit by a bow and arrow and made to crawl about for two days before being shot would satisfy me, but I realise this may sound slightly psychotic.) A lifetime in a Zimbabwean prison would suffice.
Sincerely,  FUCK YOU,
Caroline, Cecil, and 99% of the rest of the human race
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1 comment on "An Open Letter to Dr. Walter Palmer"
  1. Thank you for writing this letter, the anger that runs through me has not subsided. I want to pull his teeth out one at a time, then, shove them down his throat, then smash his hands with a hammer, then put my fist through his eye sockets, oh, by the way, I will be smiling the entire time I'm making him suffer the piece of a shit of a human being. Someone needs to put him down, he don't deserve to live. If I was one of your medical sales reps, I would buy the practice lunch, lace it with poison and watch them all die...oh and by the way, I would be smiling the entire time..death to Walter Palmer


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