Champagne & Fromage Review : Brixton

Friday, 17 July 2015
I had wanted to go to Champagne & Fromage for ages. It was always rammo'd and you could never get a seat, and as most quirky places in London - you can't book. I took a Friday off work to celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend and we walked past the Brixton Village one and it was (almost) empty, so joy of joys, I got to finally go!

I swear I should live in Barcelona or France - my one true love is cured meats and cheese. The menu was eye-watering and I literally couldn't choose. Or waiter was extremely helpful and attentive and helped us make a good choice. He also talks you through everything on the platter so you know what you're getting. 

To start off with I got a cocktail which was essentially Pimms topped with Champagne. It was quite expensive even for London because the glass wasn't huge (it was thin), but I suppose any cocktail with champagne is going to be pricier. It was really tasty anyway and I would probably order again so it's not like it was daylight robbery.


To eat we were directed towards the Sharing Platter, which was such good value for money at around £14! We wanted to try everything, and it came with a really good selection of meats and cheeses, dips and bread. Every single thing I put into my mouth was the best.

At the end the bits we didn't finish we took away (they do takeaway) in a bag so we could have it for breakfast. They sell loads of cheese and meats and things there too so if something really takes your fancy you can take some home, which I really like.

In general the experience was really great and I literally cannot wait to go back. What more could you want on your 23rd birthday than a load of salami and cheese?!

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