Thursday, 2 July 2015

Moisturising Lips: The Ultimate Product Combo

I wear lipstick every single day. It's an addiction, which can lead to dry cracked lips quite easily. I'm quite lucky in that my lips never get too dry, and I make sure to Carmex them every morning before I do my makeup. When my lips are feeling in need of a bit of TLC, this power-duo from Lush have got me covered. (This is not a paid for post!) 

The first is their Lip Scrub in the flavour Bubblegum. I just want to mention now that it is edible, and tastes delicious. so sweet and (funnily enough) like bubblegum. Any cosmetic that allows you to eat it and actually taste good is a winner in my books.

This is super inexpensive and lasts ages. This is my third tub in the last two years, so a little really does go a long way. I'll use it maybe once a week, and just dab a tiny bit onto my finger and rub in circular motions into my lips. It's a sugar-scrub exfoliant, so any dry skin will fall away. I cannot emphasise enough how good it smells. 

After that I take a tiny bit of their Lip Balm in Honey Trap, and smother that all over my lips too. This is not your regular smooth, oily balm. It feels almost matte, probably due to it being made from honey. It's a bit thicker and you need to have a good rub of the pot to get enough onto your finger. (I tried to make that sentence sound less dodgy, but couldn't. Apologies.) It smells nice, but is not edible, so don't try to eat this one. This is a pricier lip balm at I think around £6 and it doesn't last too long, it's a little pot. But it does really moisturise the lips, especially post-exfoliating.

I use these two items together perhaps once a week, and my lips stay plump, soft and moisturised despite the layers of matte MAC lippies I slather them in every day! An absolute dream combo. What do you use to moisturise your lips? (I hate Vaseline - just me?!) 

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