My Bucket List 2015

Monday, 13 July 2015
I turned 23 on Sunday. Bloody hell. I feel so old! This is the youngest, free-est and wildest I will ever be again. This is the most reckless abandon I will ever have again. (Although all I really do is sit in with my dog eating pizza.)  I've had a really, really great year being 22. (Enter Taylor Swift.) I've accomplished so much that I'm so proud of myself for, and to be honest, I'm so excited to be 23 to accomplish even more. Everyone needs goals right?!
 In Montpellier, May 2015

In the last year (or so) I have:

Graduated in Politics and Journalism with a 2:1
Gotten a 1st in my dissertation alongside a Research Award prize. 
Eaten snails in France. (Tasty)
Eaten frogs legs in France. (Not so tasty.)
Experienced the best steak of my life. (Buen Ayre.)
Moved to London.
Moved out of London!
Got Draco to pass puppy school. (Somehow.)
Found BAE.
Gotten work published by Cosmopolitan.
Gotten my foot on the fashion editorial ladder with my job.
Did an 8 month stint in headhunting. Not for me, but made brilliant friends and great ££! And learnt a LOT. Invaluable life experience.
Started rewriting my debut novel - stay tuned.
Sent one filthy text to my boss calling him a dirty boy by accident.
Flashed the entirety of Clapham Highstreet after a spray tan. 
Lost one night of my life in memories after drinking an entire bottle of Kraaken. Straight.
Opened my first bottle of champagne. (Screaming, in a bar.)
Learnt how to pronounce Ikea properly. (ih-kay-uh, FYI.)
Cut most of my hair off and dyed it the closest to blonde I've ever dared. 
Took all my ratchet facial piercings out.
Finally went to a boxing gym.
Gained a shit ton of weight!!!
Hand-in day for my dissertation, March 2014
In the year(s) to come I would like to

Lose a shit ton of weight.
Finish my debut novel - stay tuned.
Eat a pizza in Napoli.
Go to Greece and Instagram the living shit outta it! (Although perhaps not the best time to head out there atm..)
Go to Disney World and have my picture taken with all the villains I can find.
Save enough money to move in with Bae.
Get my work published and work through my secret hit-list. (A list of all the magazines/papers I want my work to feature in.)
Send no filthy texts to anyone from work by accident ever again.
Never drink straight Kraaken again.
Play with baby elephants.
Get one of those giant Bonsai trees from Ikea for my flat. (The big 'uns.)
Compliment one person every single day for a month, and document it.
Get married.
Get a Pomeranian named Podrick.
Go to Fowl Cay and swim with the pigs in the Bahamas.
Get to a point in my career when I can work from home.
Volunteer at some sort of animal conservation place.
Run a 10k for a charity.
Move to America and make use of my passport!
Gallop down a beach. (On horseback, not just on my own two legs..)
Try fishing just one time.
Try shooting just one time. (Something clay, not an animal or person.)
Be a #Girlboss. (Sophia Amoruso.)
Become fluent in Portuguese again.
Read 15 books in a year. 
Stay as happy as I am right now. Because I'm pretty bloody happy.
To do: 2015
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