The 10 Things EVERY City Girls' Wardrobe Needs.

Thursday, 23 July 2015
These are the essentials, the things any 'City Girl' needs in her wardrobe as safeguard fallbacks to avoid an 'I have nothing to wear!' disaster. (We've all been there.) For me I'm very much a monochrome type o' gal. All blacks, whites, and if I'm feeling very daring, some navies, creams and stones. I feel like these are the most flattering for me, and perhaps I've become a much safer dresser since my Uni days. But whatever your style or taste, these are the ten pieces you will find yourself reaching for time and time again, regardless of the occasion. 
1. A White Shirt. This really speaks for itself. Dress it up or play it down - either way it's a must-have. The fit is what's important here, it should be super flattering. My favourites are the lightweight and looser style ones from Topshop, but a crisp form-fitting one would work too.
2. A Blazer. Play it safe and keep it black and white, unless you're an eclectic dresser in which case a pop of colour won't go amiss. Again, the tailoring is important. Invest more money into the perfectly fit cut and you're good to go. Wear it to the pub with jeans and flats, a job interview with a dress, a night out with leather trousers and heels.
3. Leather Boots. These should probably be black for sake of practicality, and a safe shout is always a classic Chelsea, but others are grand too. (With all the rain in Winter, you can't go without a good flat boot.)
4. A High-Waist Skirt. Choose a colour that goes with most things - blacks, greys, navies are solid shouts. Go midi if that's your style, but minis are usually easier to style and can look good with tights in winter too. I wouldn't go for denim as this can look too casual and you won't get as much wear out of it. Opt for the style that suits you most, be it bodycon or circle. I like a skater as it pinches in the waist and hides food babies. 
5.The Perfect Pair of Jeans. Everyone hates shopping for jeans, let's be honest. The rule to remember: Just 'cause it zips, don't mean it fits. Skinny and straight-leg cuts are the most timeless, and make any outfit look pulled together. Choose the wash and tone you love the most. 
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6. 'The' Tee. The t-shirt of jeans, made of high quality with the perfectly flattering fit. (My go-to is always Brandy Melville.) Go for a looser fit if that's more your style, but I always opt for a plain white and try to wear it simple, Kate Moss style. Great for layering up under pinnies and dungarees too!
7. The Oversized Knit. It hides your lumps and bumps, it goes perfectly with your skinny jeans and boots, and it's so snuggly in the winter! I love an oversized Zara knit.
8. A Long Coat. A coat is an investment piece, and sure you can pay out on a rain mac, but it's better to get a smarter, tailored long coat and pay a fiver for an umbrella. (Style hath no price-limitations.) Zara is brilliant for a good tailored coat, but equally ASOS has great shouts.
9. A Leather Jacket. Likewise, a leather jacket goes with absolutely everything and is better for the warmer months when a full-on coat isn't required. If you really aren't a leather person, a long lightweight duster is a good alternative. But nothing works like a leather jacket with a white cami and dark skinnies.
10. The LBD. A great, flattering Little Black Dress is priceless. Again, you can dress it up with accessories or play it down with layers. Either way it should fit like a glove and always be there to back you up when you need it. 
What are your wardrobe 'can't live without's?
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