The OOTD Instagram Loves, a Vivienne Westwood Bag & my Youtube Explanation

Monday, 6 July 2015
Something weird happened this weekend. I posted a standard OOTD post onto my Instagram account, which had a humble 420-something followers. The most likes a photo ever got was 100, which I thought was some sort of witchcraft with my average being probably around 20. This morning my account is sitting on 1116 followers and the OOTD post below has 2060 likes.  I honestly don't know what is going on, but hell, I'm gonna ride the wave like a trooper and give you all a proper OOTD post. I think this warrants it. 

I wore this outfit to a BBQ. Originally my hair was half-up, half-down, but I ended up shoving it all up to keep the heat at bay. I feel it was a wise choice. My sunglasses are no longer online, but are by Quay Australia and I bought them in the Oxford Circus Topshop. They are an absolute dream, I love them. The bridge is higher meaning my tiny Voldemort-esque nose doesn't look even smaller than usual, which is great. 
The top is from H&M, it's not online but was bought a few days ago so if you pop in it'll probably still be there. My shorts are from Urban Outfitters but are quite old now, these from Missguided are similar though.  I wore just plain black pump shoes, which were also from H&M. 

The bag is a dream. An absolute dream. My friend saw it and was quick to bellow "Oh my God, a Vivienne Westwood!" And I have to be the first to admit - it's a replica. I stumbled across this high-end replica site and decided to give it a shot. It ships from China (where all good replicas come from) so the shipping is often slow, but at the prices you pay it's worth it. In classic Ebay style you have to make sure your seller is reputable with over 100 sales and over 98% positive rating to avoid disappointment, but I paid £11 for this bag and can honestly say it's of a pretty damn decent standard. It would cost at least £30 in Topshop without the VW logo. So it's well worth it in my opinion. And nobody knows it's a fake except us. I won't tell if you don't.

I kept the makeup look as simple as I could, and did a summer makeup look using only drugstore products. (A rare thing for me - I love my NARS and MAC.) I actually filmed it for a Youtube video. I announced starting a Youtube channel a few weeks ago. I uploaded a '25 things about me tag' only to rapidly take it down again the next day. I filmed a 'British Tag' and this makeup tutorial which I've yet to edit, but I've got to say - I'm so f*cking AWKWARD?! My voice is so monotone and I just look so uncomfortable and it all sounds so fake for some reason that I just can't bear it, it makes my insides absolutely cringe. I want to pull through with my promise, and will keep trying to film something that doesn't come across as painfully awkward where my Youtube Virgin status isn't so glaringly clear, but you're all just going to have to be super patient with me until then.

Anyone have any video ideas that are a bit quirkier than the norm to get me going? Or have any idea how my Instagram photo spread so quickly?! Let me know! 
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  1. Your instagram is gorgeous and you deserve to have lots of followers! I really like the simplicity of this outfit but with a few nice touches <3 Gisforgingers xx


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