How To Contact a Blogger the Right Way: 5 Step Guide

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

In this day and age bloggers reach and influential power is amazing. A top blogger is a PR dream. So why is my inbox filled with utter shite? Here is a no-nonsense guide to contacting myself, and any other blogger. Every company should probably read this.


1. Method of contact should ALWAYS be email. It's professional. When I see comments on Instagram saying 'we would love to work with you' I inwardly cringe. You want to work with them but can't be bothered looking up their email address? Ewwww!

2. Address the person properly. Don't use the wrong name. (This happens more than you would think.) Don't use the blog name. They are not a blog, they are a human being. Take the 30 seconds it takes to click the 'About Me' page on a blog and address them by their given name. Why would anyone even bother reading an email not addressed to them?

3. Make some sort of effort to emphasise that you have actually bothered to read their blog. It can be as simple as ' I really enjoyed your recent post on duffle coats.' Something to connect personally. It also shows straight away that what you are about to offer is actually relevant to their blog type. (Why do I get invites to try out things like gardening tools? These people have obviously never looked at my blog properly, and are wasting my time.)

4. My inbox is overflowing with absolutely shitty emails that read something like this: "We love your blog and would really love to see you write a post on your morning routine. What do you think? Let us know!" 
What I think is that if I wrote a random blog post for every company that asked me to for no reason, I would have no time for anything else in my life and would have very little to show for it. Your email should VERY CLEARLY express what you want the blogger to do, and what they will get in return for their time and services. If random people kept emailing you for free favours that required time would you reply? 

5. To conclude, the perfect blogger outreach email should be laid out as follows. 
"Hi Caroline!
I'm Adam from Topshop. I really enjoyed your recent outfit post -  great blazer! Reason for the email is I think your blog would really work well with our brand and we are interested in starting a working relationship with you. Something I had in mind would be a collaborative blog post where you feature your favourite Topshop items. We could send you out up to ten to feature in your post and in return you could keep one for yourself. Is this something you would be interested in? Let us know, and hopefully speak soon. 
Kind regards, Adam."

Now stop sending me bullshit outreach emails. Thanks.

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