Monday, 28 September 2015

Why you shouldn't date somebody 'cool.'

When you're at school there was always that 'cool' group. The girls who grew their boobs two years before everyone else and learnt to pluck their eyebrows first. (Jokes on them now, bushy eyebrows are in and their over-plucked 2001 pencil-brows look horrific. Who has the last laugh now, Holly who made fun of me for not knowing what masterbating was when I was 13?!) Then there were the boys, the guys who smoked and got those mini Nike backpacks that said 'Just Do it' across the back. There is always a 'cool' group. They aren't even necessarily particularly cool, they are just deemed to be by everyone else. Well, although they are different as you get older, there are still 'cool' guys kicking about. And I'm about to warn you against dating one of them.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

"Girls Can't Be Friends With Boys" : A Personal Post

I have always had guyfriends. I got on with them better in general - I have weird dirty banter and sarcasm girls don't always warm to and I feel less paranoid that they're all sitting around my Facebook on a Friday night laughing at my bad outfit choices and cellulite.
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