A Parisian Photo Diary

Sunday, 27 September 2015

We went to Paris! Despite my family going to France at least twice a year and my parents planning to move there soon, I had never been to Paris. Safe to say, it stole my heart. We absolutely loved every second of it and are going back next year. Waking up to a bit of bustle compared to more rural France is a dream, but it's so much quieter and more relaxing than London.

We stayed in Canal St Martin which I can't recommend enough - it's close to everything and in the really hip part with all the trendy restaurants and cafe's and bars - the Shoreditch of France. We found so many amazing places but my two biggest recommendations would be for food, Philou, a traditional french restaurant. It was, hands down, the best food I have EVER had. I wept. I would fly back just for another dinner there. And to drink: Comptoir General. Steven stumbled across this place by accident, it's essentially a huge warehouse filled with antique stalls (think Camden) but with cocktail stalls and DJs and a jungle-esque smoking area in the middle. It's like being drunk in an antique shop but with music and plants everywhere. It was great. We'll be going back. My favourite think about staying at Canal St Martin was being able to go down to the Canal in the evening with a bottle of wine and just sit - it got really busy in the evenings with everyone just sat by the canal eating their dinner. 

I honestly cannot WAIT  to go back and stuff my greedy little gob'ole with more cheese, more wine, and more breads. Paris, come at me.

 Tip of the day: Climb the Arc De Triomphe instead of the Eiffel Tower for a cheaper, better view of Paris. (And you can see the Eiffel Tower too!) 

Becoming at peace with ourselves by this random old tower.

Loads of shopping and lovely streets and markets down towards the river.  

 Me realising I was cutting out the bloody Tower. Wearing Missguided striped Culottes.

Oh wait, there it is.

 Wee Stevo carefully observing the gargoyles on the Notre Dame

 Best pals after a bottle of wine on the way to Comptoir General. (Lippie is Flat out Fabulous by MAC.)

By the river. Dreamy architecture.

 This may shock you, but this is not the real Mona Lisa.

Had to get an eclair, obviously.

 By the Canal St Martin where we stayed.

Best pals signing off and indefinitely returning to Paris in 2016, watch this space.
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  1. Great photos - it looks such good fun! I love all your outfits too <3

    Gisforgingers xx


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