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Thursday, 24 September 2015
I cannot begin to explain how many times I have started a Youtube channel. Every time I end up taking it down, I hate my voice and I feel corny and weird and it's a bit embarrassing and difficult to put yourself out there as a blogger on such a huge platform…

I've been inspired by the classic Vloggers: Beautycrush, Fleurdeforce, Carli Bybel, Tanya Burr, Helen Anderson, SMLxo, Leanne Walker and Tasha Green and watched them religiously over the years.
 I've watched more traditional format bloggers I love like Amy Valentine, Lily Melrose, Kavita, Inthefrow and Robyn Mayday move onto Youtube and it just adds another dimension to the blog and helps you to really connect.

 So here goes, she's trying again. No chatting this time because the sound of my own monotonous voice makes me want to die. Maybe  I'll ease into it. For now, here's my go-to super quick and easy brown smokey eye look, perfect for an impromptu dinner date. Be gentle with me.

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