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The Only Chanel This B*tch Can Afford.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015
A little while ago I wrote about a dodgy Chinese website shifting replica bags. (I'd purchased a Vivienne Westwood, an okay buy.) Since then I bought a Givenchy (terrible shape and couldn't look cheaper if it tried) and a Chanel. This 'Chanel' (to be referred to as the Chunel from here on end) is, if I do say so myself, a bloody great replica.

Je Suis Tory Scum, Aussi

Saturday, 10 October 2015
I studied a degree in Politics and Journalism up in Scotland. As someone who was raised down South in a Conservative area, I was very much on my own when it came to my political stance.  I never really realised how much Tories get bashed, until my degree. And when I was sat down with my cup of tea this morning flicking through an old GQ, I came across Tony Parsons' article, 'Je Suis Tory Scum' and it got me thinking.

Autumn Makeup : Youtube Video!

Thursday, 8 October 2015
In case you missed the memo, I am actually doing Youtube videos now.  I did a makeup tutorial - I'm not particularly good at makeup but it was one that required the least amount of talking, which is good, because I'm still clearly an amateur blogger as you can tell by my rambly intro.

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Hide All My Wobbly Bits

Monday, 5 October 2015
Once in a blue moon, I go out. As in properly out, to a club. Recently I had a night out coming up and a big dilemma - what the fuck do I wear? At uni in my naivety it was always an easy choice - bodycon dress with a low cut top and the shorter the length, the better. I am not at university anymore, and my body knows it. I have a bit of a tummy to hide and my thighs are no longer made of gym-encouraged steel. (Makes mental note to starting going to the gym again tomorrow.) I wanted an outfit that was university-life promiscuous, but adult-life flattering enough to cover my wobbly bits.

WAKE UP AMERICA, your gun laws are fucked!

Friday, 2 October 2015
Another day, another shooting. Good morning, America.

 It's not gang related, it's not a paid hit. It's another psychopath shooting at a college. It was only the other day some freak with orange hair got his hands on a gun and ran rampage in a cinema, and yet another person who should not have had access to a gun managed to have his way and kill nine innocent people in the process. It should not be this easy. America, WAKE UP. You are enabling these tragedies.

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