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Monday, 5 October 2015
Once in a blue moon, I go out. As in properly out, to a club. Recently I had a night out coming up and a big dilemma - what the fuck do I wear? At uni in my naivety it was always an easy choice - bodycon dress with a low cut top and the shorter the length, the better. I am not at university anymore, and my body knows it. I have a bit of a tummy to hide and my thighs are no longer made of gym-encouraged steel. (Makes mental note to starting going to the gym again tomorrow.) I wanted an outfit that was university-life promiscuous, but adult-life flattering enough to cover my wobbly bits.

I found this playsuit in New Look and all my prayers were answered. It was like in the films where I came out of the dressing room and all the sales girls came and said it was amazing and I had to buy it. They were probably just saying it but it worked a treat. The way that the stripes are aligned to flatter your body shape is borderline genius. (Why do shops even invent dresses that are only horizontally striped?!)

This playsuit (albeit a bit shorter than what I was after) flatters my top, nips in my waist, blows out my hips and flattens my stomach. Exactly what I needed. And the playsuit shape meant I had more leeway to get super drunk and not worry about flashing. Bonus points all round.

It was only about £24 quid and is probably going to be my go-to for a night for a long while now. For this shoot I'm not wearing a bra - sorry for the TMI - but on the night out I wore one of those nifty stick-on ones and my girls were out to play and looking full, so I would recommend one of those for an outfit like this. Nobody wants to see that much cleave on a blog post though, and my dad has this URL.   But the suit is actually quite structured and tight so you could happily go without a bra and it straps you right down like a sports bra, which is handy and comfortable. (Check out the lack of usually-a-size-D-breastical in the below shot - impressive, no?)

I would team it with a leather jacket or something, and here I'm wearing it with my Simmi Shoes sandals which give my legs about 12 more storeys but on the night itself just for logistical reasoning (getting from the bus stop to the club in one piece post half-a-bottle-of-Morgans), I wore it with some slightly smaller heels in the form of black Mules.

What do you wear for a night out?
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2 comments on "Hide All My Wobbly Bits"
  1. Love this playsuit - you can always pick up great things in New Look. It is the right mix of grown up but gorgeous too <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. This looks amazing on you! Love it with the dark lip too xx



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