Je Suis Tory Scum, Aussi

Saturday, 10 October 2015
I studied a degree in Politics and Journalism up in Scotland. As someone who was raised down South in a Conservative area, I was very much on my own when it came to my political stance.  I never really realised how much Tories get bashed, until my degree. And when I was sat down with my cup of tea this morning flicking through an old GQ, I came across Tony Parsons' article, 'Je Suis Tory Scum' and it got me thinking.
You know what, I am Tory Scum. Do I agree with everything that they stand for? No, of course not. And I'm pretty damn sure not every Labour supporter agrees with every single thing Labour stands for. But generally, the Tory Party views are in line with my own. This would perhaps be different if I was in a different stage of my life or living in another part of the UK, but as it stands, yes, they are the party which resonates the most with me. 
This is why I am Tory Scum.

At the time of voting, Ed Milliband was running. And let's be honest, he's a fucking wet fart. And now the other option? The wacky Weetos Professor Corbyn, who, bless his heart, needs to get with the times. And yes, David Cameron comes across as a bit of a slime, but all politicians are liars and snakes regardless of their party and for whatever reason I have chosen to lie my faith in him. If that makes me a  horrible person with no heart then so be it. (And re: Piggate, have we all not fucked a metaphorical pig at some point in our lives? Cut him some slack.)
I just don't agree with Labours austerity measures.  The cuts aren't enough. Yes, the Conservative cuts are extreme, but Labour's are pitiful. I'm not saying I agree with where the cuts are happening with the Conservatives, but nor do I agree with Labours 7bn outline. I'm neither here nor there on either party choice.
I absolutely support the calls made by David Cameron in light of the migrant issues. He will NEVER please everyone, but he is taking in as many as he can at this given time. It's hard to believe living in a sparse town, but living in London where you are shrouded in the problems caused by the extreme overpopulation every day, it's clear to see we do not have the space, or the resources to take in as many migrants as countries such as Germany. This does not make me heartless, I am not 'anti immigrants'. I believe the EU should be working together to ration out how many each country can take in regards to space and economy and that migrants from places like Syria in a genuine need should 100%  have somewhere safe to stay. But David was in a lose-lose situation here, there will always be someone saying they're taking in too many and always someone saying they're not taking in enough. I think he has handled it well, controlled the situation and now needs to work to help the others still trying to gain asylum in the EU. He's done alright though, hats off Davie.
One of the main Tory pledges is to help young buyers and downsize the housing crisis in the UK. I earn a wage that would set me up comfortably up North, but unfortunately my job doesn't exist outside of London. I am commuting 4 hours a day, paying £500 in travel a month to go to work, because I can't afford the rent in London. One room in London is averaging £700 per month. Once you've added on the bills and travel card on top, you're looking at nearly £1k a month. This is purely selfish, but no other party is doing as much as the Tories are to make it easier for young buyers and graduates trying to work in the Capital, and the emphasis Conservatives put on the housing problems is a key reason why I am Tory Scum. I do not want to be travelling 4 hours a day to go to work, and if that makes me a disgusting Tory, they so be it.
Referendum on EU membership. Now, I am keen to stay in the EU as long as it doesn't mean going into the Euro. But the main thing for me here is the choice. The Conservatives are giving the PEOPLE the choice to decide. It's democratic. And for all the Scots sneering at the ToryScum running their country, I just want to point out that the Conservatives are the ones who gave them the choice of freedom in a referendum. So sorry if enjoying the option to choose on huge life-changing decisions makes me Tory Scum.
'Scrapping the human rights act' is a scare monger. If they are getting rid of it, it's because aspects are not working. I do not believe that old Davie is sat up there rubbing his hands together, throwing his head back and cackling at the thought of diminishing all human rights, and if anyone else does then they have very little faith in humanity. There are aspects of it that I don't believe are working , especially in relation to things like sex offenders being released early etc.etc. There are aspects of it which make it easier for serious offenders to get away with crimes more lightly, and so for it to be looked at again and changed isn't a terrible thing (yet). I have no strong opinion on this until I see an outline for what the replacement British Bill of Rights would encompass.
Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime? Fucking right! People can't just walk about causing a raucous.  It's as much about rehabilitating areas where crime is rife as it is about stricter punishments, particularly for re-offenders. I back this, you can't spoon feed criminals and expect them to change. You have to change the environments around them to give them something to change for. (When I say this I'm thinking about the kids I see down the street in Brixton dealing drugs and guns for cash, not pedophiles and murderers, obviously.)
(Just to point out - employment rates are currently at an all-time high under the Tories. Is this a bad thing?)
To conclude, I am not a disgusting elitist monkey who burns candles by a shrine of Maggie Thatcher. I am not a heartless racist who wants the poor to perish while I roll around in blood money. I am simply supporting a party who I believe is one of the only strong choices out of my options. And I'm getting a bit bored of being villified for it. 
You can call me Tory Scum, and I will wave my blue flag high, but I will not call you Labour Scum. And nor will the other 11 million who voted Conservative, because when was the last time the Tories protested in outrage at having democratically lost an election? When was the last time the Tories egged and bellowed 'LEFTY TWATS' at people who were voting, as we are, just to make life better for themselves? 
Have a think.
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