The Only Chanel This B*tch Can Afford.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015
A little while ago I wrote about a dodgy Chinese website shifting replica bags. (I'd purchased a Vivienne Westwood, an okay buy.) Since then I bought a Givenchy (terrible shape and couldn't look cheaper if it tried) and a Chanel. This 'Chanel' (to be referred to as the Chunel from here on end) is, if I do say so myself, a bloody great replica.

By trade, I'm a writer. This means as much as I lust, dribble and get lady-garden pulsations at the sight of a designer bag, I can't - and probably won't ever *weeps* - afford the real deal. So all I can do is be as tacky as imaginable and try and source the best replicas out there. And everyone knows all the best ones come from China. If that means a 3 month delivery wait then so be it.

This bag is exquisite. I knew from the outset it was going to be a better replica than my  other purchases from the packaging. It came in a Styrofoam box to keep it's shape, and then inside a dust bag. The other two came in squashed plastic envelopes and stank of plastic. It's structured, sturdy, and could potentially pass as real leather to the lazy eye.

Every single last detail features the coveted 'CC' logo, from the zippers to the teeny tiny poppers. It came with a fake Chanel envelope with a card of 'authenticity' and the inside is lined with what looks like leather again, embossed in a gorgeous burgundy. And of course, the classic chain handle which (could be longer) but is adjustable depending on if you double strap it or not.

It is pure, adulterous love. And it cost less than twenty five quid. Ding, ding, ding!!  This was the seller I purchased from, but there are hundreds. As with Ebay, I don't purchase from someone with less than a 98% positive rating and checked all the reviews. 

I am mildly ashamed of my love for fake labels, but until someone drops a real one off at my door I'm not above doing what I have to do to get a little quilted bag under my arm. Rather a high-spec China rip-off than a guilty Topshop rip-off, right? 
BRB, off to rub my face against my new love.
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