OOTD: Thigh High Boots

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bloggers confession: These boots make me feel like a stripper. I wore them out and someone asked me 'why are you wearing Come Fuck Me Boots?' And the hat reminds me of the Child Catcher for some reason, so I have to admit I haven't debuted the hat outside of the comforts of my own home. But the boots? Oh, the boots…

I so wanted to join the thigh-high trend, but had to try and get a pair that looked as least-slutty as possible because I generally don't have the confidence to pull something so stereotypically sexy off. So I went for a grey rather than the classic black, I went for a slouchy fit rather than the favoured tight fit, I went for suede rather than the alternative leather, and I went for flat rather than the more flattering heeled. And I still feel a bit of a corner-gal in them! 

They are so, so comfy though and were cheap, a cheeky ASOS x Daisy Street purchase. I teamed them with this little tee dress by H&M from the summer, and my hat is an old Forever21 purchase. I really like how this whole outfit ended up looking. I.e. much cooler than I actually am. To layer up I would just complete the footballers-wag look that I have going on and throw on my fur coat over the top. Dah-ling.

What are your thoughts on the thigh-high trend? 
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