Wednesday, 28 December 2016

My Not-So-Chic 2016

In my office it seems that looking chic is second nature. My manager struts  in every morning with her go-to lazy-girl outfit of leather ankle boots, straight leg jeans, some sort of amazing vintage blouse and a long tailored coat. (A look that would take me months to come up with.)


Thursday, 27 October 2016

Flannel Shirts for Autumn


When you say, 'Autumn', I think: Hot chocolates, mulled wine, Halloween, cosy socks, baggy jumpers, blankets, soup and flannel shirts. Call me a basic bitch, but I am all about a check flannel shirt as soon as the leaves on the trees turn orange.

I am, aside from a basic bitch, also a stingy mare who refuses to fork out £30 for a cotton tartan shirt from Topshop. I'm all about the cosy, vintage vibe, and get all my flannel shirts from thrift stores. My favourite is To Be Worn Again in Brighton, which sells every colour imaginable for £5 each. Wam, bam, thank you maam.

I love them oversized so often buy men's shirts - I think it looks better tucked into high-waist clothes, tied up at the front or just really baggy with leggings for a dressed-down sorta day. Hair in messy bun = look complete.

In these shots I'm wearing my Lullabellz extensions, which you can get all the details for here. The bigger and the messier the hair, the better. A baggy flannel shirt is no time to have perfectly curled up-do's going on, it's about looking relaxed and like you just rolled outta bed. (AKA: my specialty.)

I did my hair in a half-up-do with natural makeup, my lipstick is Whirl. (By MAC, I only really wear MAC lipsticks!)   I also only really wear gold jewellery, so I have a load of little hoops in my hears which I think adds to the look. They are all gold-plated so my ears don't go green as I never bother taking them out until I lose them, and I got them from ASOS.

I paired them with my straight-leg loose fit jeans which I am obsessed with from Miss Selfridge. They're like Mom jeans but a nicer, tighter fit. I'd finish the look with loafers for the ultimate soccer-mom look.

What's your Autumn go-to?

Sunday, 16 October 2016

12 Week PT Plan - Half Way Review - Ups & Downs

So a few weeks ago I did an initial review of my 12-week fitness plan which I'm doing with PT Leanne Conroy. I was in the first month of the plan, feeling pumped, motivated and energised. But now I'm in the second third of the plan and feeling much lower, and thought it was just as important to blog now as it was when I was feeling great because you can't always feel great and it's important for other girls to read this and know it's normal to feel like this.


Sunday, 18 September 2016

I got a PT! Week 3 Review

So, I got a Personal Trainer. It's an idea I had toyed with for a long time, but I saw a client photo posted by an old friend I went to uni with and it spurred me into contacting her. When I went to uni with Leanne she was such a party girl, and now she's turned to fitness and her body is r-i-d-i-c. I knew if anyone was going to get my ass into shape it would be her.


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

FOTD: Super Quick 10 min makeup look

This is a quick post on my staple makeup routine for the last couple of weeks. I do change it up frequently, but this has been suiting my skin in the recent weird humid weather and I've nailed getting it all done in about ten minutes, which is all you can ask for when you wake up as late as I do every morning.

Monday, 6 June 2016

BREXIT : How will I be voting?

So I wouldn't usually write a post encouraging people to vote a certain way. It's not my style, I think people should be able to choose to vote how they want. But I've decided to write this post explaining my vote because 1. It's a big deal, and won't be happening again in a few years to rectify a sloppy vote. 2. Lots of people have asked me to. So, here goes.

I, personally, will be voting for the UK to remain in the EU. I didn't have to read up to decide this, I knew in my gut as soon as the topic was up for decision. The most simple way I can think to explain the ultimate reason for my debateless decision to vote to remain is as follows:

You  have this job. It's okay. You don't hate it, but there are parts of it you don't like, sure. You have to sacrifice some things for your job because it's at this huge corporate company and everybody who works there has to be totally dedicated to their job, but you do it because it's okay. You rarely go home complaining about your job, and at the end of the day - isn't that all you can ask of work? Most importantly, it provides for you and your family and makes sure that you are taken care of.
To vote to leave the EU would be like handing in your resignation at this job without having any interviews anywhere else. You know your old job won't take you back, but you are hoping you'll find a better one out there. It's a gamble, and is it really worth the gamble when until now, everything really has been okay? (Don't try to tell me that before the referendum was a topic you used to go home and complain about being in the EU - I won't buy it.)

You're either a gambler voting to leave, or comfortable and voting to stay. That's the way I'm looking at it, because however much reading I've done on why we should vote to leave or stay I have never read anything explaining clearly what would happen to us if we did leave. Much like the Scottish referendum - where is the after-plan?!

Regardless of afterplans, here are some facts that you may not have known about the EU which may sway your thinking if you are a gambler.

The Workplace (The real one, not my metophorical one.)
Our right to maternity leave and anti-discrimation laws in the workplace come from the EU, not from the UK. I would hate to think what might happen and who might be taken advantage of by the Big Corporates if these laws disappeared, because they won't be replaced overnight if we vote to leave.

Stats show at least 3 million jobs in the UK are linked to trade with the EU. What will all these people do if we leave?! The world's gone crazy over BHS's 11,000 - imagine three million!

Power to the Politicians.
Tbh, I don't trust our politicians. I like some more than I like others, but at the moment the people who represent our country aren't looking too savvy. One fucked a dead pig, one has a weird yellow headpiece he insists on wearing, one fucked up the Lib Dem party and disappeared into oblivion (who even runs the Lib Dems now?!) and one is an old loony who enjoys being rude to the queen in his spare time to make a point. The EU are our safeguards against these nutters, they make sure they can't take our country and fuck it up beyond repair. And that's something I'm all for.

I know everyone hates Davey C, but did you know that our economy was the fastest-growing in the Western world this year? Well, now you do. So its not as if the EU is hindering our economic growth, is it?

Being in the EU gives us guaranteed allies, which as a small island we really can't get enough of. With Putin sat there with bated breath waiting for us to leave and be defenceless... well, I think we need all the friends we can get.

Ah, the big'un. 'They're coming over and taking our jobs!" *Vomits.* Okay, well first of all I would like to point out that we are all benefiting from being able to travel Europe freely and safely. We all know at least one couple who have retired to Spain or France, no? Regardless of the fact that we are also benefiting, it's key to point out that Britain do have a say in our border control. We have always been the difficult EU partner who argues tooth and nail to protect our little island and forces the EU to bend the rules for us. It's always been that way and it still is. (Remember the days of headlines where Cameron was 'in talks' with the EU looking all stressed out? Yep, well that was him negotiating our terms. Because we have a say. This is why we aren't in the Euro!) We have a say in our border control, and any leave voters using the argument that we need to 'take back control' is uneducated.
Furthermore, voting to leave will not bring a magic end to immigration. GB needs the skills of workers from outside the UK in order for our economy to keep on flourishing. Even the Leave camp knows this. Yes, we'll be in total control, no, this won't end immigration issues.

The Out Voters
Sorry, but when did Boris Johnson ever mention the EU being a 'prison' before the referendum? He doesn't know shit, he's just jumping on the controversial side to make headlines. And I'm sorry to say it, but you don't join a gang that looks stupid, do you? I haven't heard one intelligent, read person argue coherently why they want to vote out. If I look over to the Leave camp I see mostly extreme right-wingers, racists, political weasels, and old people who simply don't give a shit anymore. Is that a group you want to be associated with? Please, if anybody finds any Leave articles that actually give good facts and strong arguments, send it to me. Because after a good search on Google I still found nothing.

I would also like to point out the list of UK political parties voting to leave: UKIP, BNP, EDL, DUP, RESPECT. So not exactly the most respected and rational of the parties.

Opinion polls have also been good indicators for who is voting to leave. There are only three camps where the majority is voting to leave.
Older voters (over 60): 56%
Voters 50-59: 52%
Voters with no qualification higher than GCSE:  57%

That say's it all to me.

I truly hope everyone will be giving their vote at the end of June because every vote counts. Which voter on that seesaw would you rather be?


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

OOTD: I Am A Hat-Owner

 I bought a hat! This is a big deal for me, I never put myself in the category of a confident hat-wearer. Hat wearers tend to be one of three things. 1. Painfully edgy and cool. 2. High fashion. 3. Homeless. I mean, I'll admit, I haven't actually worn it out in public yet. But I own one, and it's mine and mine alone. Baby steps.

Monday, 18 April 2016

OOTD: Bohemian Layering

Oh, glorious Britain, how you tease us with your unpredictable weather. (Sense the sarcasm?) I am so bored of dressing for the cold and then sweating profusely like an overweight boar with a gland problem in the office. The only sensible answer is to up the layering game.


Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Ultimate Hack for Applying Fake Lash Strips

Guys, it's official. I have found the ultimate cheat method for applying a strip of fake eyelashes so it looks almost invisible and lasts all day. Believe me when I say this is legit. I nearly cried when I discovered it. As someone who has hooded lids (a la J-law), applying strips of lashes was an absolute shitemare. I have shakey hands at the best of times, but with not much lid space to play with it always ended up looking absolutely ridiculous, overly fake and always felt uncomfortable where my hooded lid would meet the strip. Then I discovered this simple, life-changing hack.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

OOTD: Australian Lace

I cannot wait for it to be summer. Winter dressing isn't my forte, I've never nailed stylish layering which has left me with an unfortunate disposition to reach for a very boring and unstylish jeans 'n' jumper combo daily. Summer is my thing. Bohemian broderie, romantic laces, all white errythang, and printed statement pieces to up the game.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

My American Nightmare: By A Conservative Democrat.

I am terrified of Donald Trump. There’s a host of reasons which I’ll list below, but from all the way across the pond I am seriously starting to lose sleep following Super Tuesday, and this demonic man with his yellow combover is the face of my nightmares.

Over here in the UK, I sit on the right side of the political spectrum, a comfortable conservative. And it would seem that the UK, like America, are pretty much running on two-party politics thanks to our current voting system. (Sorry, SNP.) But despite being oh so right wing over here, the American right terrifies me and is wholly embodied by the imbecile that is: Donald Trump.

I see a racist, ignorant, glorified media-monkey with atrocious hair and a face that looks like it’s melting. And every time he opens his mouth and more garbage flies out of it, I don’t know whether to be frightened, outraged, or offended that he is even allowed to be considered a political figure.

He openly spews out sectarianism, particularly against Islam, having said a plethora of ridiculous things about having surveillance at all mosques and about how Arab-Americans cheered 9/11 bombings which must ‘tell you something’ about Muslims in America. 

He wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico because he believes Mexicans are largely criminals, calling them rapists. The cherry on the cake here is that he believes Mexico should pay for this wall, which the BBC estimates could cost between 2.2 and 13 billion dollars.

He wants a mass exodus deportation of 11 million immigrants. If this isn’t xenophobia I don’t know what is.

He is against tighter gun-controls, opposing an expansion of background checks on people wanting to buy guns. We all know how I feel about gun control in America, detailed in this post here.

He thinks the Black Lives Matter movement is ‘trouble’ and criticized democrat runners who apologised for police brutaility. In a country where recently an unarmed black teenage boy was shot 6 times, and then the officer who shot him tried to sue his grieving family for the trauma he felt afterwards, it seems clear as crystal to me that there is a severe issue. Not just with police brutality, but corruption and feelings of arrogance and entitlement from police who feel essentially, ‘untouchable.’ For Trump to mock this movement so openly is horrifically disrespectful and insensitive to the hundreds of families who have fallen victim to acts of police brutality.

He says he ‘doesn’t believe the national unemployment statistic is real.’ He doesn’t believe informed, accurate, government-driven data when it goes against his cause, yet he retweets bullshit statistics on black shootings in America made by mock sites as if they are a reliable source of information.

He doesn’t believe in climate change, and thinks it’s ‘just the weather.’ I’m not even going to go into this one.

He has declared that Muslims should not be admitted into the US, and called for a ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States’ following a terrorist attack in California. If this isn’t ethnic cleansing, I don’t know what is. Muslim does not = terrorism.

He believes abortion should be limited to exceptional cases such as rape. For a man to believe he has the right to make a decision on something that will affect mostly women so deeply is frankly, repulsive.

Lastly, he believes that to ‘bomb the hell outta ISIS’ is the answer to solving the current crisis in Syria.

So to conclude, I have realised this: my nightmare isn’t Donald Trump. It isn’t this one, lunatic, gun-loving, racist. It’s America.

It’s the country where millions of people are backing this absolute idiot built for show business to be their Republican candidate.  In the UK he would be laughed out of parliament as a joke, as an extremist rich-boi with bigoted views.

The last time someone this ‘charismatic’ and xenophobic was in power it was Hitler. Sure, in hindsight we all look back and say he was batshit crazy, but at the time the people of Germany believed in him. And it seems all the rest of the world have learnt from the tragedies that happened under his rule. All the world except America, whose people are enabling and openly encouraging an extremist right-wing psychopath (who the rest of the logical world perceives as a complete joke) to run for President.

Donald Trump is not my nightmare, Donald Trump is just an idiot with a big mouth and terrible hair. America is my nightmare. 

I didn't realise so many people with backwards beliefs still existed from all the way over here in the UK. 
(While you're here, check out


Friday, 12 February 2016

Bitch Face Syndrome

This is a rant.

I've spent my life being told to cheer up. 'Smile darlin', it might never happen', was a phrase I heard at least once a night when I worked in a bar. One time I snapped, told the patron my uncle had just died. It was a lie, a terrible lie. Touch wood for my Uncle Nigel - sorry. But I was trying to prove a point.

And today something happened that has led to me writing this blog post to make my point loud and clear.


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Ten Times I Hate Myself.

Every now and again you may find yourself saying you 'hate yourself.' I seem to find myself saying it more and more frequently, and thought (in a mission to lower the frequency of said occurances,) that I would list the main culprits causing me to loathe, despise and utterly deteste myself on a daily basis. NB: This is of course, not an exhaustive list. It doesn't include things like when I tell people I'm going to the gym and actually end up pressing snooze 10 times,  when I text the wrong person something inappropriate, or when I let my boyfriend stick his finger up my nose in public places. (etc.etc.etc..)

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