An Open Letter: To The Man with Leering Eyes.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Dear Man with the Leering Eyes,

I wore this skirt because it went perfectly with my new shoes, and it's warm outside. Not for you to hoot and jeer at me as I walk past.
I'm out in this club to have a good night, get a 'lil boozy, and (attempt to) dance. Not for you to grab my ass and press up against me as you take advantage of the crowded space.
I'm walking down the street after hearing some bad news about a close friend. Don't tell me to 'smile, Darling'.
I'm on my way to work trying to cross a busy street. Don't beep your horn at me and shout things about my appearance out of the window.
I'm out shopping. Don't bring attention to your friends so they all look at me and then stand there eyeing me up and down as if I'm a piece of meat asking for your acceptance.
I went out for a few wines because it's been a long week. Don't surround me in a group while I wait for my taxi and try to get me to go somewhere else with you.
I'm walking home in the dark on my own, and I see a group of young men, hoods up, standing outside a park. I cross the street to avoid them, and then feel ashamed and embarrassed.
 None of them glanced my way, their hoods are up because it's raining, and they are probably waiting for a taxi.
I'm sick of feeling bad for judging men, for misinterpreting a compliment, for feeling nervous to walk home alone.
To the Man with the Leering Eyes, the 'Lad' with the Innapropriate Mouth, the Creep with the Wandering Hands:
You are making monsters of men.

*Small Note: I am not insinuating that men do not get objectified by women, but am writing from my own experiences and those of friends I know.
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