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Double Trouble

Tuesday, 16 February 2016
 This beautiful blue-eyed creature hung out with me on Sunday to take blog shots. We went to Columbia Road to the flower market (post with outfit details here), and hung about in the East End, where all bloggers and notorious hipsters head. There was a plethora of vintage store robes kicking about alongside a helping of handlebar moustaches and a side of berets.

Bitch Face Syndrome

Friday, 12 February 2016

This is a rant.

I've spent my life being told to cheer up. 'Smile darlin', it might never happen', was a phrase I heard at least once a night when I worked in a bar. One time I snapped, told the patron my uncle had just died. It was a lie, a terrible lie. Touch wood for my Uncle Nigel - sorry. But I was trying to prove a point.

And today something happened that has led to me writing this blog post to make my point loud and clear.

OOTD: A sheepy coat & tangerine top

Thursday, 11 February 2016
I went to Columbia Road flower market at the weekend. I was accompanied by a fantastic specimen who took my photos for me, big ups to Libby - you're a doll.  Despite being quite an anxious person around crowded spaces and the market itself being extremely claustrophobic, it's one of my favourite places in London. You can't freak out around beautiful flowers. (Alice in Wonderland taught us that.)

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