Double Trouble

Tuesday, 16 February 2016
 This beautiful blue-eyed creature hung out with me on Sunday to take blog shots. We went to Columbia Road to the flower market (post with outfit details here), and hung about in the East End, where all bloggers and notorious hipsters head. There was a plethora of vintage store robes kicking about alongside a helping of handlebar moustaches and a side of berets.

We went to a little bar called Kick and sat outside, partly because the sun was shining and it was a great people-watching spot and partly because the ruggers was on so it was rammed with shouty men. I got a mint tea, it was delicious, thanks for asking. 

We discovered the Virgin Gardens, and had a photo taken at the sign because it's naturally where we belong. *Moving swiftly no from this subject*

 We then found a convenient bench sat artistically in front of an oldschool car, (as you naturally stumble across these settings in the East), so we took a photo where Liz looks like she wants to be sat next to anyone but me and I look like old MoonFace from The Faraway Tree. Why is my face so big, pale and round? And why do my hooded eyelids get 10x worse from this angle? These are all questions I must ask myself when I lay awake at night.

And as all good days end, I returned to my abode, put on a comfy top with no trousers (private housing is no place for bottoms to be worn), and put my fresh new roses in a vase.  All in all, a cracking day and although I don't usually do these 'day in a life' posts (by usually, I mean 'I have never done one of these before') I hope you've enjoyed it. 

2 comments on "Double Trouble "
  1. You two look awesome! It looks like a great day out too - I'd love to visit Columbia Road flower market if I ever make it to london <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. I definitely recommend it, it's so amazing but always really really busy - best to go first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds! xx


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