OOTD: A sheepy coat & tangerine top

Thursday, 11 February 2016
I went to Columbia Road flower market at the weekend. I was accompanied by a fantastic specimen who took my photos for me, big ups to Libby - you're a doll.  Despite being quite an anxious person around crowded spaces and the market itself being extremely claustrophobic, it's one of my favourite places in London. You can't freak out around beautiful flowers. (Alice in Wonderland taught us that.)

I cosied up in my super warm coat which is by Mink Pink, and I picked it up in the Urban sale. I wasn't sure on it at first, as I stood out like a sore thumb on the tube against a sea of greys, blacks and navies. I actually thought I looked a bit like a walking tampon if I'm being honest. But it's just so warm I've grown to love it, and now see myself as a walking sheep rather than a walking sanitary towel. Baby steps. (Baaa ram you.)

 I decided to try and give my outfit a bit of colour with this rollneck from Miss Selfridge, which I've been really enjoying recently. It works with the rest of my black/white/grey wardrobe and gives an outfit a bit of a pop. The rusty orange seems to work well with my dark hair, so that's another reason to remind myself not to try and bleach it blonde again. (As if I need another reason. See my post on reasons I hate myself.)

These new boots are potentially the love of my life and I'm considering eloping to marry them. (Don't tell Steven. Or do, I don't care. I love them that much.) I'd been eyeing the natural leopard boot trend with eager eyes but couldn't bring myself to fork out £60 for the pairs in Zara and River that I was lusting over, so when these came out at H&M for half the price I jumped. Plus, they're the perfect height for walking around (a flower market, say) all day with no problems.

 My jeans are my trusty 5 year old Primarni pair (no, I'm not joking, they are legit), and my winter sunnies were a gift from my blue-afro-haired BFF Daisy. My lippie is Mac, Whirl.

I bought myself roses, because this is 2015 and a woman can dress like a sanitary pad and buy herself roses at the market if she so desires.
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