Wednesday, 9 March 2016

My American Nightmare: By A Conservative Democrat.

I am terrified of Donald Trump. There’s a host of reasons which I’ll list below, but from all the way across the pond I am seriously starting to lose sleep following Super Tuesday, and this demonic man with his yellow combover is the face of my nightmares.

Over here in the UK, I sit on the right side of the political spectrum, a comfortable conservative. And it would seem that the UK, like America, are pretty much running on two-party politics thanks to our current voting system. (Sorry, SNP.) But despite being oh so right wing over here, the American right terrifies me and is wholly embodied by the imbecile that is: Donald Trump.

I see a racist, ignorant, glorified media-monkey with atrocious hair and a face that looks like it’s melting. And every time he opens his mouth and more garbage flies out of it, I don’t know whether to be frightened, outraged, or offended that he is even allowed to be considered a political figure.

He openly spews out sectarianism, particularly against Islam, having said a plethora of ridiculous things about having surveillance at all mosques and about how Arab-Americans cheered 9/11 bombings which must ‘tell you something’ about Muslims in America. 

He wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico because he believes Mexicans are largely criminals, calling them rapists. The cherry on the cake here is that he believes Mexico should pay for this wall, which the BBC estimates could cost between 2.2 and 13 billion dollars.

He wants a mass exodus deportation of 11 million immigrants. If this isn’t xenophobia I don’t know what is.

He is against tighter gun-controls, opposing an expansion of background checks on people wanting to buy guns. We all know how I feel about gun control in America, detailed in this post here.

He thinks the Black Lives Matter movement is ‘trouble’ and criticized democrat runners who apologised for police brutaility. In a country where recently an unarmed black teenage boy was shot 6 times, and then the officer who shot him tried to sue his grieving family for the trauma he felt afterwards, it seems clear as crystal to me that there is a severe issue. Not just with police brutality, but corruption and feelings of arrogance and entitlement from police who feel essentially, ‘untouchable.’ For Trump to mock this movement so openly is horrifically disrespectful and insensitive to the hundreds of families who have fallen victim to acts of police brutality.

He says he ‘doesn’t believe the national unemployment statistic is real.’ He doesn’t believe informed, accurate, government-driven data when it goes against his cause, yet he retweets bullshit statistics on black shootings in America made by mock sites as if they are a reliable source of information.

He doesn’t believe in climate change, and thinks it’s ‘just the weather.’ I’m not even going to go into this one.

He has declared that Muslims should not be admitted into the US, and called for a ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States’ following a terrorist attack in California. If this isn’t ethnic cleansing, I don’t know what is. Muslim does not = terrorism.

He believes abortion should be limited to exceptional cases such as rape. For a man to believe he has the right to make a decision on something that will affect mostly women so deeply is frankly, repulsive.

Lastly, he believes that to ‘bomb the hell outta ISIS’ is the answer to solving the current crisis in Syria.

So to conclude, I have realised this: my nightmare isn’t Donald Trump. It isn’t this one, lunatic, gun-loving, racist. It’s America.

It’s the country where millions of people are backing this absolute idiot built for show business to be their Republican candidate.  In the UK he would be laughed out of parliament as a joke, as an extremist rich-boi with bigoted views.

The last time someone this ‘charismatic’ and xenophobic was in power it was Hitler. Sure, in hindsight we all look back and say he was batshit crazy, but at the time the people of Germany believed in him. And it seems all the rest of the world have learnt from the tragedies that happened under his rule. All the world except America, whose people are enabling and openly encouraging an extremist right-wing psychopath (who the rest of the logical world perceives as a complete joke) to run for President.

Donald Trump is not my nightmare, Donald Trump is just an idiot with a big mouth and terrible hair. America is my nightmare. 

I didn't realise so many people with backwards beliefs still existed from all the way over here in the UK. 
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