OOTD: Dreamy Denim

Monday, 21 March 2016
I have been looking for a pair of jeans for (not kidding), around 18 months. I hate shopping for jeans. Remember that scene in White Chicks where she's crying in the fitting rooms grabbing 'Tina the Talking Tummy'? It's pretty much a reflection of my experience in fitting rooms when searching for a pair of jeans. (Again, not kidding.) 
-See the concerned look on my face in the photo below as proof of my eternal jean struggle.-
The deal is this: I just have a difficult body shape. I know everyone says it, but jeans really are a struggle for me. You start at the ankles - a comfortable size 8. Work your way up a bit and a decade of horseriding in my youth has given me thick, strong thighs. Size 10. Go up a bit more and you're at my hips, where all my excess fat likes to sit. Size 12. Up a bit higher to my waist and you're back at a size 8. You see the problem? If I get something to go over my hips (they don't lie), it's way too baggy at the bottom, and if it's high waisted gapes at the front where it's too big for my waist. 

 I've been really liking the straight-leg trend recently, it's a nice change up from Skinny, and much more flattering than Mom or Boyfriend style. I tried these on at Miss Selfridge and it was like love at first sight. Admittedly I had to suck in quite a bit to get them to do up (I had just had brunch), but once they're on they fit like a glove and are so, so comfortable and easy to move around in.

 Basically, I'm going to be living in these jeans for the foreseeable future. They'll probably point at me and say 'who's that girl who never changes her jeans, gross.' But it's something I'm willing to accept. That's how much I like these jeans. The perfect Spring cut.

And with all things Spring in mind I paired it with this lacey tee from ASOS, my Office lace-up pumps and a pop of pink lipstick - Topshop's Legend.

Where do you get your jeans from?
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