Saturday, 2 April 2016

OOTD: Australian Lace

I cannot wait for it to be summer. Winter dressing isn't my forte, I've never nailed stylish layering which has left me with an unfortunate disposition to reach for a very boring and unstylish jeans 'n' jumper combo daily. Summer is my thing. Bohemian broderie, romantic laces, all white errythang, and printed statement pieces to up the game.

While the UK hasn't been doing much to get my heart fluttering, Australian boutiques are already mass-producing my dream wardrobe. I'd been eyeing Dolly Girl Fashion for a while, but didn't want to in anticipation of an extortionate shipping fee. But I was browsing and noticed that if you spent $150 you got free international shipping. Then I realised, that was AUD, not USD. That's £80, and with so many beautiful and super affordable bits I had been eyeing, that was all the encouragement I needed to fill my basket. (It arrived in 3 days, no joke. Will definitely be ordering from them again.)

 My favourite piece was this white boho playsuit, which I think was about £25. Not a joke. It's everything I want a summer playsuit to be. The flirty lattice cut-outs, the flared 70s sleeves, it's right up my street.

I've styled with my trusty leopard boots which I picked up at H&M, I've worn them non-stop they are so ridiculously comfortable and go with everything. I really love this outfit, if I wore it abroad I would team it with sandals, for here I would wear as is with a denim jacket thrown over the top. (Next on my list to buy: an oversized washed denim jacket, naturally.)

What's your favourite season to dress for?

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