Monday, 18 April 2016

OOTD: Bohemian Layering

Oh, glorious Britain, how you tease us with your unpredictable weather. (Sense the sarcasm?) I am so bored of dressing for the cold and then sweating profusely like an overweight boar with a gland problem in the office. The only sensible answer is to up the layering game.

I wanted a multi-layer outfit I could play with and still feel relatively glamorous in, rather than keep reaching for the jeans 'n' 3 jumpers combo which had become my rather unflattering staple. (Working in an office with so many well-dressed women is motivation enough to stop with the lazy dressing.)

The dress is unfortunately (don't hate me) something I picked up in a sample sale at work. It's not a piece from my work though, and had a weird label in it so I think it may be an inspiration piece that the buyers brought over from abroad. I hate to be that girl who say's 'oh sorry you can't get it, it's vintage.' So I found this similar alternative for you. Don't say I don't treat ya!

The under-dress is a simple 'un from Topshop. (Similar here.) The belt is an old Primarni number, which I needed to pull me in as the dress was a bit big and swamped my frame. The jumper is (here I go again) from Paris, darling. Sorry. But you can shop the store online here. My boots were a gift from Steven, similar here.


Oh God, I'm about to say it again. I'm sorry I swear I'm not usually like this but... the pleather jacket was picked up in a vintage shop in Brighton. Right, right, shoot me now, I'm sorry. But you can recreate this look easily with any leather jacket from any store, and Miss Selfridge do a similar one that's probably actually much better quality here.

I finished the look off with my new backpack, which I instagrammed here and is probably my new love.  So there you have it, many layers perfect for a very un-saucy strip on the tube when you get so hot you can't breathe. I've basically shown you an outfit you can't buy any of the pieces from, and given you alternatives. I'm a terrible blogger. Apologies.

What's your favourite layering combo?


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