Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Ultimate Hack for Applying Fake Lash Strips

Guys, it's official. I have found the ultimate cheat method for applying a strip of fake eyelashes so it looks almost invisible and lasts all day. Believe me when I say this is legit. I nearly cried when I discovered it. As someone who has hooded lids (a la J-law), applying strips of lashes was an absolute shitemare. I have shakey hands at the best of times, but with not much lid space to play with it always ended up looking absolutely ridiculous, overly fake and always felt uncomfortable where my hooded lid would meet the strip. Then I discovered this simple, life-changing hack.

I applied the lashes underneath. Yep, you heard right - it really is that simple. I glued along the lash strip as usual and then put a little bit on the top of the lashes towards the end of the strip. Then I placed the strip as close to my waterline as I could underneath my real lashes so the glue fused with the underbelly of my real eyelashes. My entire tiny eyelid was free of rogue falsies, and it looked completely seamless and natural. AND I even had a little nap in them and they didn't budge! In fact, they lasted a WHOLE DAY! A day filled with activities, not just a day of sitting in and taking selfies. *Ahem, not that I do that.*

So there you have it. If you need a photograph of the step-by-step rather than just the finished result let me know, I was just so excited as soon as I had them on that I had to take photo's and upload this. I cant wait to try it with more extreme lashes.

If anyone's wondering, the lashes I used were Eyelure Lengthening #35.

Please, I beg of you, the next time you're hitting town for a night out try this and let me know how you get on, I can't wait to revolutionise all your lash-lives.


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JiaYin Teo said...

thank you for sharing! I share the same hooded eyelid fate D: cant wait to try this out!

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