#FreeTheNipple: Serena Williams

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

I apologise for the late timing of this post - a bit slow off the mark! But I really felt I had to write about another Daily Mail article I saw, about how viewers were 'distracted' by Serena Williams nipples showing through her shirt during Wimbledon. Are you f*cking serious?

 The article itself is addressing the fact that people on social media are body shaming her with tweets such as :
"Thanks ESPN for allowing me to see @SerenaWilliams nipples in high definition" and "Serena Williams nipples are distracting. She can't wear white like that."

Stop me if I'm wrong, but doesn't every single person have nipples?! We all know what they look like, so what is it about them that's so 'distracting'? Is it because she's a woman? When Andy Murray's nipples showed through his white shirt were people calling the BBC complaining? I doubt it. In which case it's because the media has oversexualised women's breasts so much that the British can't deal with visual confirmation that Serena owns a pair of nipples and have descended into uproar. Tragic.

I'm so mortified that adult people are overlooking one of the greatest athletes of our time and degrading her to a pair of nipples. I'm not sure if it's over-sexualisation or plain immaturity, but if you can't get through a tennis match without gawking at a pair of nipples then maybe you need to home home and take a good long stare at yourself in the mirror (topless).

And although I salute the Daily Mail for highlighting the idiocy of all the complaints, I also have to condemn them for the fact that every other day there is at least one headline along the lines of "Kylie Jenner shocks in see through TOP!"

Can we just all get over it please? Everyone's nipples look more or less the same. They are indistinguishable when seen through a shirt, so let's all stop making mountains out of molehills whenever we see a pair and act like adults. Oh, and Serena - you go girl. Keep doing your thang.


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