OOTD: Styling a Seriously Large Skirt

Saturday, 30 July 2016
I've  seen a lot of level 10 Cool-Girls swanning about London in tulle maxi skirts recently. As a lowly level 5 on the best of days, I decided to buy one to try to pull off. The trurth? I haven't worn this out in public yet - there's a reason you have to be Level 10 Cool to pull something like this off, and I haven't felt confident enough yet. But when the weather is just right, and the occasion is perfect - this look may just come out to play. 

This skirt was picked up in Topshop Oxford Circus on the bottom floor where all the concessions live - it's by a brand called Ci Ci London and was only £13 in the sale - so bargainous I thought I'd pick it up to try to style even though I knew in my heart of hearts I may not pull it off.

I paired it with an oversized tee, planning for it to look dressed-down, effortless and cool. In reality it probably needed something slightly more form-fitting to give my body a bit more shape. The tee is from Monki, and you can get similar here.
My boots are from ASOS, but are by New Look. Similar available here. If I was wearing this out somewhere I'd throw a pleather biker over the top to finish the look off - adding to the 'effortless-but-Trying-Oh-So-Hard' look.

How do you feel about tulle skirts making a bit of a comeback?

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