The Lynx Effect: Is it Real?

Wednesday, 3 August 2016
*Warning: This may be a TMI post. If you work with me or are a relative, I'm sorry. 

We've all seen the Lynx adverts where the guy sprays on some Lynx and walks down the street and suddenly every woman he walks past is attracted to him and can't wait to get him into bed. We've all shrugged it off as tacky advertising and carried on with life, but what if there's a hint of truth behind it?

So I have this thing for Hugo Boss. Not with the actual Hugo, that would be weird as he died in 1948. With the Boss Original Eau de Toilette.  I can't explain it, but if anyone within a 5 meter radius to me is wearing it I can smell it, and it smells good. Not like, 'oh, what a nice smell that is' good, like a 'wow, I want to have sex with that person' good. It doesn't matter if it's an 18 year old kid working behind a bar or some spotty old man, if he's wearing Hugo Boss my senses go nuts.

It's rare that I like someone's clothing or scent or makeup so much that I stop a stranger in the street to ask them what it is or where it's from - in fact I've only done so a dozen times or so in my life probably. But every time I smelt Hugo Boss I would have to find out what it was because it was so divine. I only had to ask a handful of times before learning to recognise the scent straight away - if you're wearing Hugo Boss I (and my downstairs) know about it.

I read somewhere that scent is the only sense that bypasses rational brain and goes straight to the limbic system which is in charge of memory and emotions, so a lot of people assume that if you strongly associate a certain scent with one person in particular that whenever you smell it later on in life it will trigger similar emotions that you linked with that person from your past.

However, I still remember the first time I smelt Hugo Boss and I certainly wasn't attracted to the wearer. I was fifteen, and he smelt divine. I never fancied him, but I fancied his smell. If anyone would ever mention his name, I would feel compelled to drop in, 'he smells great' like some sort of loyal backer.  I didn't find him physically attractive, our personalities didn't particularly click, I never even really wanted to hang out with him. I just wanted to smell him and get lusty and high on his smell.

So I was turned on by the smell of Hugo Boss before I even knew what being turned on was, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the wearer. It was all about the smell, and the smell alone.  I had no emotional connection to the wearer at all, other than the fact that he introduced me to my all-time favourite musk.

Research shows that the scent of Hedione does actually cause arousal. I checked the Boss Original ingredients list, and Hedione is absent. So what is going on?!

Can certain smells turn you on? I don't know - I have searched the highs and lows of Google, and cannot find one scientific study looking into manufactured scents and arousal. All I know is that every time I walk through Duty Free I spray Hugo Boss onto my arm and spend my flight trying not to hump my own limb whilst sniffing away in bliss. Is this normal??

Someone please tell me that they too have a certain smell that smells so glorious it drives them crazy?

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  1. I know what you mean about Hugo Boss - they smell amazing! My boyfriend wear it and I'm always reminded of him too which is nice <3

    Gisforgingers xx


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