A little Calvin Klein goes a long way.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

I had been eyeing this Calvin Klein tee from Urban for ages. It's the perfect grab'n'go tee for me. It gives an outfit a 'lil edge, it's fashionable, comfortable and goes with everything. I've worn it every week since I got it.  The price tag was a bit hefty and I'm trying to be thrifty... so I got mine from Depop in a size Large so I could wear it off-the-shoulder. I love it.

I decided to style it up for a date night look here, so I wore it with this lace Topshop skirt for a juxtapose pairing. The boots elongate the legs and add a bit of height, which is always great. Get those pins out, ladies- it's still just about warm enough in London!

This Zara biker jacket is the absolute dream. It was a bit of a splurge, but I got a gift voucher and decided to treat myself and I'm so glad I did - it is me in a jacket. It's everything I love in one perfect piece. It's the pop of colour this all-black look needs to really make a statement. (Black like my soul is uaually the mantra for dressing myself.)

I kept my makeup relatively neutral using Mac Mehr on my lips and an eye look created with the Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette Bloom palette. Highlight on fleek using Topshop Glow in Polish

I absolutely love this look, but the skirt is seriously short so I'd probably have to wear tights for outside the confides of my flat... nobody wants to see what would happen if I bent over! (Although once I flashed the whole of Clapham high street after a spray tan, but we like to pretend that never happened.)  The piece de resistance for me in this look is definitely the jacket.

What would you pick as a statement piece?

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