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I got a PT! Week 3 Review

So, I got a Personal Trainer. It's an idea I had toyed with for a long time, but I saw a client photo posted by an old friend I went to uni with and it spurred me into contacting her. When I went to uni with Leanne she was such a party girl, and now she's turned to fitness and her body is r-i-d-i-c. I knew if anyone was going to get my ass into shape it would be her.

So I guess I'll start with my fitness story. When I was at uni I weighed 58kg. I had a lot of time on my hands and went to the gym most days doing a mix of cardio and weights. I played Lacrosse and my boyfriend at the time was super healthy because he was an athlete so I was eating well. I cut down my drinking dramatically in 3rd and 4th year due to anxiety, so booze wasn't a big part of my life. Fast-forward a few years and I'm sat on my ass for my 9-5, painfully unfit, and living with a beautiful man with a penchant for pizza which is hard to resist after a long day... oh, and I weigh 63kg now. (Is that a taboo subject? Am I supposed to lie about it? I don't know the rules.)

Last week I was at a VIP fashion event with work. I was surrounded by models, bloggers and the cast of Made in Chelsea and TOWIE. I felt like a heifer. I was so unhealthy and looking at all the beautiful bodies around me I felt so shit - I need to turn my state around and get back to a healthy-looking position. Enter, Leanne.

I'm doing her 12 week 1-2-1 online training plan, because she is based in Scotland and I'm down in London.

There's a lot of things I love about Leanne's approach, but the main things are

1. She is so relatable. She understands that life gets in the way sometimes, she has been there and done it all and understands what I'm thinking and feeling. One night I text her from a work event asking if I could treat myself to a glass of wine, her response: of course, just be sensible! The dream PT, right? She is realistic with her goals, her approach and her way of chatting to me. She's happy to admit she's just tried a new exercise that she's not confident in, she'll admit the weights room is intimidating, and she knows on a Sunday all we're doing is sitting on the sofa watching Netflix and eating. She is never patronising or demeaning, which is important because I never feel stupid admitting things to her during my check-ins.

2. She's always accessible, she replies quickly and is happy to make any changes needed. My gym wasn't laid out in a great way for her plan (it involved a lot of switching between being upstairs and downstairs). I voiced this to her and she asked for photos and had a new plan with me the next day.

So how does my plan work?

My aim is to lose fat around my back and midriff, so from my food plan, weight, height and a lot of factors Leanne worked out I was under-eating and should be hitting a min of 1500 calories a day with a target of 120g of protein a day. It's about enjoying things in moderation, and she explains to me that if I don't eat enough calories or get enough nutrients my body goes into starvation and stores everything as fat and starts 'burning' my muscles for energy. Not good! Eating more helps you lose more weight long-term, this is something I can get on board with!

I get a meal plan tailored to my tastes after submitting her a typical 5-day food diary. She's even tailored my plan to fit in with my lifestyle of taking leftover dinner into work the next day. My food plan is tasty, realistic and even includes things like Malteasers and Digestives! She aims for a realistic, sustainable plan to get results that can be a lifestyle change rather than a restrictive diet.

I get a fitness plan tailored to my needs. I hate cardio so was super excited to see it was all weight training! I've been LOVING my training plan, which is min. 3x a week. I've gotten a bit addicted to the gym because I love how it makes me feel for the rest of the day (I go before work) so I've added in an extra circuits class into the mix as well, which I enjoy. My fitness plan may change  before the 12 weeks is up, and Leanne mentioned adding in a bit of cardio later on which is fine - she is a Goddess so I'll do whatever I'm told!

I fill in a check-in sheet with my progress weekly and send it to her alongside photos, which she sends to me side by side and explains the changes she can see which encourages me to keep going. She keeps  me accountable and I'm in a private online group which acts like a support system and she does a live 15 min HIIT class on Sundays to get us moving, which is great.

All in all, I'm loving it.

God, look at those massive guns!

How have I been feeling about it all?

It's not all been easy.
The food has been a struggle for me and getting used to the routine and prepping has been difficult admittedly, but I know it's so important in the long run. I've been LOVING the gym though, although the first week was so hard. I couldn't really be bothered and everything was difficult and slow whilst I got my head around all the exercises, but now I'm in the groove and really look forward to getting up and going to the gym. I'd rather make the time to go than make excuses to go, which is a complete 180 compared to me a month ago!

My changes are happening slowly, I feel like I've been working so hard for ages and forget sometimes that it's only been 3 weeks - the change won't be huge in this time and I just have to keep positive and keep going. This has been difficult, some days I feel disgusting and other days I feel great. I've found tanning makes me feel better, so if I'm feeling particularly disgusting I'll come home and lather on some Fake Bake and make myself feel better for the gym the next day. I definitely need to stop comparing myself to catwalk models at work for a start!

I only have been doing it for 3 weeks but I am stronger, happier, healthier and have lost a little roll at my back underneath my bra already. Result! Stay tuned for more updates during my journey...

How do you stay motivated? Let me know!

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