What I wore to Cosmopolitan #FashFest

Wednesday, 21 September 2016
Last week I was lucky enough to get VIP tickets to Cosmopolitan's #FashFest, alongside front row seats to the fashion show (aha, MIC girls were 2nd row, gutted!). The dress code was glamorous, which would have been easier to do if I wasn't a) going straight from work and b) sweating like a Weightwatcher in a cake shop. It was H-O-T!

My outfit is head to toe Miss Selfridge. I was lucky enough to have the personal stylist, Dani, in the flagship Oxford Circus store helping to dress me. As I said before, I was seriously sweating (I think an actual pond formed in my cleavage at one point) and it was a rushed after-work event where I had a million things to worry about. Dani was amazing, a literal lifesaver. If it was up to me I would have gone in the smallest bodysuit I could find, accessorised with flip flops and a fan.

I knew I wanted this metallic midi because I'd seen it and envisioned it worn with trainers and a baggy top and knew I had to have it. I tried it on with about 5 different tops and was having a nervy b. Nothing looked great, and I was glad Dani was honest enough to say 'yeah, it doesn't really work.' AKA, your lady lumps are hanging out all over the place. So when she mentioned a crop top I wasn't sure, I'm not really a crop-top wearer...

But this velvet piece worked perfectly and I didn't feel too self conscious in it. (Until I met the TOWIE and Made in Chelsea girls and felt like a sweaty hippo!) All in all I was really happy with the outfit, which was topped off by these beautiful leather mules. I didn't want to wear tall heels as I know I can't walk in them, so these were the perfect compromise. They felt glam and fashionable, which is key when your foundation is dripping off your face.

You can see a diary of events, (including some of the 'celebs' I chatted to and excluding all the apple vodka cocktails I drank), I wrote over on the Miss S  blog here. 

What do you wear when you're going to something dressy?

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