Thursday, 27 October 2016

Flannel Shirts for Autumn


When you say, 'Autumn', I think: Hot chocolates, mulled wine, Halloween, cosy socks, baggy jumpers, blankets, soup and flannel shirts. Call me a basic bitch, but I am all about a check flannel shirt as soon as the leaves on the trees turn orange.

I am, aside from a basic bitch, also a stingy mare who refuses to fork out £30 for a cotton tartan shirt from Topshop. I'm all about the cosy, vintage vibe, and get all my flannel shirts from thrift stores. My favourite is To Be Worn Again in Brighton, which sells every colour imaginable for £5 each. Wam, bam, thank you maam.

I love them oversized so often buy men's shirts - I think it looks better tucked into high-waist clothes, tied up at the front or just really baggy with leggings for a dressed-down sorta day. Hair in messy bun = look complete.

In these shots I'm wearing my Lullabellz extensions, which you can get all the details for here. The bigger and the messier the hair, the better. A baggy flannel shirt is no time to have perfectly curled up-do's going on, it's about looking relaxed and like you just rolled outta bed. (AKA: my specialty.)

I did my hair in a half-up-do with natural makeup, my lipstick is Whirl. (By MAC, I only really wear MAC lipsticks!)   I also only really wear gold jewellery, so I have a load of little hoops in my hears which I think adds to the look. They are all gold-plated so my ears don't go green as I never bother taking them out until I lose them, and I got them from ASOS.

I paired them with my straight-leg loose fit jeans which I am obsessed with from Miss Selfridge. They're like Mom jeans but a nicer, tighter fit. I'd finish the look with loafers for the ultimate soccer-mom look.

What's your Autumn go-to?

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