Lullabellz Hair Extention Review : Single Weft

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Okay so... I bought more hair extentions. I know, I know. I literally have a whole Zara bag full in my bedroom. (One of the giant Zara paper bags, that you get when you buy a hefty coat and some shoes.) But I saw this brand called Lullabellz kicking about on my social media and they had 20% off and none of my extensions matched my hair colour so I thought I'd give it a go.


I had really wanted the large curl 3/4 piece, because I much prefer 3/4 hair pieces than extentions because for me they just feel more secure and comfortable. I always find extensions just pull on my scalp and if I'm getting low on the dancefloor (okay, dancing in my room with a bottle of wine) I like to know they're going to stay in place and not start peeking through. BUT they didn't have my colour and I wanted it in time for a dinner this weekend (which I ended up rescheduling anyway because I was ill and snotty) so here we are. Lullabellz, if you're reading this, send me the 3/4 piece when it comes into stock for my dinner please! ;)

Instead, I opted for the single weft curly hair piece in chocolate brown. In some light, like pictured above, it isn't an exact match. But to be honest, it's good enough for me to not care and wear them anyway. It's difficult for me to get a good synthetic match because my hair has been dyed so much it's so many different colours and highlights in different lights. I had to trim it down quite a lot because it was loooong, and I also cut in a few more layers to match my hair better because my hair is quite a blunt, thick cut.

It came already layered which was nice though, and it feels good quality. I got the single weft because I can't be arsed trying to clip in 8 different pieces, so a single weft is great for me to quickly put in after a gym session to feel a bit more glam. It literally takes two minutes.


It also withstands heat to a certain degree, so I put my straighteners on the lowest setting (160 degrees) and straightened a couple of bits and loosened the curls up a bit because I never have my hair too curly so it would blend better. I really liked the result. I always choose synthetic rather than real hair because 1. I don't really agree with how real hair extensions are made and 2. I dye my hair so frequently that they don't usually last very long, so it makes more sense for me to fork out £15 every few months than £120 when they're just going to fall apart when I dye them a few times.


All in all for a bit of time spent cutting and straightening to get the perfect blend, £20 including first-class postage was great and I'm really happy with them. I would 100% repurchase and I am going to keep my eye out for the 3/4 piece as I really want it for my nights out.

How do you find hair extensions? What's your go-to?
3 comments on "Lullabellz Hair Extention Review : Single Weft"
  1. hi Callie! they look sooo nice on you, really effortless :)
    can I ask you which lipstick and mascara you are wearing in these pictures? you look so good! or maybe you can do an update makeup routine! thank you so much! xx
    (also: those glasses really suit you!)

    1. Hey Fancesca,
      Thank you for the lovely comment! I'm not sure what mascara I'm wearing as I change a lot but I always go back to 'Benefit They're Real' so I recommend that!
      My lipstick is Whirl, by MAC - I'll try to do an Autumn makeup routine soon! :) X

  2. Hi! Ive been looking at getting a single weft lullabellz hair extension (Im too lazy for anything more than one!) And I was wondering what the original shade they matched you to was?? You see your hair looks a similar colour to mine, which I also dye using the dark chocolate sgade from casting creme gloss, and I was thinking of using chocolate brown for the extensions (which is what they matched me to online), but I was wondering what your personal opinion if the shade was?? Is it too light for your hair?? Thank you so much, love your article and makeup too! 😘 xxx


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