Wizard Sleeves

Friday, 21 October 2016
The first thing Steven said when he saw this outfit was, "what are those sleeves all about?" I am officially a Man Repeller, and I'm embracing it in a way only Leandra Medine would know how because this outfit is my autumn love affair.

When the weather gets to this point it's a stereotypical fact of life that I begin to obsess over tartan, so when I saw this adorable little tartan cord pinafore from New Look I had to have it. Plus, at £25 it was such a bargain I couldn't really say no.

I paired it with this wizard flute sleeve ruffle top I bought ages ago from H&M, and is now on the body of every blogger and model alive. I seriously did get it first guys, I swear. In fact, so many people have got it that it's now out of stock on the website, sorry lads!

The boots are just old New Look x ASOS ones... This outfit is the perfect drinks outfit for this sort of weather, once you've added a scarf and thick coat over the top of course. Brr! I've been sat in the office with a runny nose and wearing my coat indoor recently, I was not prepared for this temperature drop!

What do you love wearing in autumn?
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