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Sunday, 20 November 2016

I have this thing with glasses. I feel like they can transform a look so easily, and give a little quirky edge to a plainer look. I do have prescription lenses (Gucci, darling), but I also wear a lot of 'fashion lenses' which are just clear. I will eventually get around to having the lenses swapped out for my prescription, but I don't rely on my glasses and they are mostly for driving so it's not high on my priority list. Nobody drives in London, anyway. 

These are my pervert glasses. They make me look like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, but I'm okay with that an am embracing it. I got them from ASOS,  who are pretty good for finding quirky glasses every now and again. These are pretty out-there, so I only tend to wear them with super laid-back plain outfits, like a jumper 'n' leggings type of day.


 These babies are my go-to, and I got them from Toyshades. The flagship Topshop store offers getting them lensed for £20, so I'll probably get my prescription put into them as I do wear them a lot, particularly on bad makeup days to hide my tired eyes! I've also recently discovered the store Polette, I haven't ordered from them yet but have a few on my wish-list so keep an eye on my instagram...

I'm wearing the lipstick Cherry by Collection 2000 in this post and my boyfriend's tee because I was super hungover when I took these pictures. You can tell because I'm dead behind the eyes but rolling with it.

What's your go-to accessory to pick up a lazy outfit?
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