Why Everyone Should Back Off Nicky Morgan's Bag

Saturday, 17 December 2016

If you've been following the news recently you'll have heard about the spat between MPs regarding Theresa May's trousers for a recent shoot. I want to break this down and establish why everyone should leave Nicky Morgan's bag alone.

Firstly, let's forget about the fact that the trousers cost a grand. There are a million other things wrong with those trousers. Nicky was probably just finding a way to make a bitchy swipe at them whilst keeping it politically motivated so she looked like a serious MP and not a snidey cow. Here are some of the issues with the trousers:

1. They're rank.
2. They look like something a cross between a dominatrix and Napoleon Dynamite would wear.
3. She has knowingly allowed herself to be photographed in flares paired with trainers.
4. They aren't even a nice chocolate brown. They're an alcopoop-after-too-many-tequila's brown.
5. It's not a sexist comment. If David Cameron was photographed in brown leather flared trousers it would deserve a remark as well.

Moving on to the real issue: Fiona Hill.
1. Her texts were completely juvenile compared to Nicky's - and actually sexist in themselves as far as insinuating a man brought her to a meeting.
2. Who say's 'so there!' to prove a point other than six year olds?
3. Stop brown-nosing the Prime Minister.
4. A comment made about fugly trousers doesn't warrant an elected MP being barred from political meetings where she deserves to be heard.

Now onto why the press should leave the bag alone and stop making a big deal comparing price tags:

1. That is a timeless Mulberry. It's worth it's weight in gold, is a British classic and will never go out of style. 
2. Every girl 16 and up has a designer handbag now. Mostly Michael Kors, once they get older, Mulberry's and Alexander Wang's. On the other hand, nobody has a £900 pair of leather brown flared trousers.
3. If a woman ever invests a lot of money into one special item it is nearly always a handbag, coat or shoes, because they last longer than normal clothing and has a longer style timeline.
4. Nicky has already said it was a gift. What was she supposed to do, say no and give it back?! Who would give back a Mulberry?! 
5. In conclusion, the two items are clearly incomparable in terms of worth, value and investment so to make out that Nicky's a hypocrite for slagging off the trouser's cost is a cheap scandal. If she secretly had a pair of £900 leather trousers in her closet, then I'll listen.

If anything we should be heroing her for not slagging off the trousers for any of the other reasons mentioned in this blog post,

That is all I have to say about this. Long live the Mulberry bag!

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