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16 things I learnt in 2016

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Okay, so January is nearly over and I finally stopped sulking about the house with the Blues and decided to reflect on 2016 and think about what I learnt. (Turns out not that much - it took forever to write this blog post. Nearly a month, if we're being picky.)

3 Bras: Rating & Slating

Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Women's March has just been. I wish I had gone, but I didn't, so instead I thought I would write a jokey blog post on different bra types to encourage the feminist feels currently circulating online. Despite this being a satirical blog post, I hope everybody really takes into account what the Women's March was all about and how important it is that we rock our sexuality and don't allow men to ever make us feel anything less than 100% equal to themselves. It feels like we've gone back 100 years by having someone like Trump elected as President, but the good news is that it can only get better from here. (Because it honestly can't get any worse.)
 Without further adieu..

20 Reasons I'm Having a Quarter Life Crisis

Sunday, 15 January 2017
Actual photo taken during July Crisis

I have been having a seriously struggle with the January Blues. I am unmotivated, lethargic, lazy, exhausted, and cba doing anything other than tanking a bottle of wine and napping. (Okay, so not that different from usual, I guess.) 

Browsing the Drafts folder of my blog and I stumbled across this post, because as it happens I was having a serious case of the January Blues back in July, except back then it was called having a Quarter-Life-Crisis. I began to delve into how I could be sure it was crisis-mode, and had some convincing arguments...

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