Sunday, 15 January 2017

20 Reasons I'm Having a Quarter Life Crisis

Actual photo taken during July Crisis

I have been having a seriously struggle with the January Blues. I am unmotivated, lethargic, lazy, exhausted, and cba doing anything other than tanking a bottle of wine and napping. (Okay, so not that different from usual, I guess.) 

Browsing the Drafts folder of my blog and I stumbled across this post, because as it happens I was having a serious case of the January Blues back in July, except back then it was called having a Quarter-Life-Crisis. I began to delve into how I could be sure it was crisis-mode, and had some convincing arguments...

1. Going on big nights out gives me social anxiety 
2. Drinking around anyone other than my boyfriend and rabbit gives me anxiety
3. But I'm scared I'll look back at my 20s and think I was boring and should have gotten wrecked more
 4. I don't know what I"m doing with my life or what my options really are
5. I look up jobs in doggy day cares weekly
6. And get sad I'm not technically qualified to look after doggies all day
7.  I assess how willing I am to leave the house on a scale of how likely I am to bump into a dog at the destination
8. I don't know anything about mortgages, taxes, debt, loans or credit ratings and simply ignore that they exist to get by
9. Every time I check my bank balance I vomit a bit in my mouth
10. I text my boyfriend to ask on a level of stiff-to-green how stale our bagels were because I am willing to eat a stale bagel for dinner
11. I'd spend a fiver on the cheapest bottle of wine from the corner shop before spending it on dinner because I feel like wine feeds me more
12. I googled quarter life crisis
13. And bought the recommended book instead of lunch for a day
14. I'm struggling to blog outfits because all I do is compare myself to other people and feel gross and unaccomplished
15. I have signed up for human testing for some spare cash and I feel like it's a step forwards in life
16. I need new bras and found myself looking at the 'practical' ones instead of 'sexy' ones
17. I'm wearing period pants when it's not my period
18. I keep calling home every day for no reason and end up just breathing down the phone while my Dad asks if there was any reason I actually called
19. I've stopped brushing my hair most days
20. I'm unexcited about eating any meal that doesn't involve chips


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